Friday, 23 September 2016

When I Woke Up - I'd Best Go To Sleep Then

It's so lovely being home. Daddy and Puppynap put lots of duvets on the floor and said we were going to have a camp out down the stairs.

I had a special bit with lots of things for me but I wanted to be near them and when they went to sleep I crawled over Daddy and went to sleep between them both.

I did get a bit itchy, I'm starting to feel things down there but Puppynap woke up gave me a scratch and then put my cone back on and we went back to sleep.

When I woke up I had a lovely card from my friends over the road that Daddy showed mer It's lovely and when I'm allowed I'll play with that later. I love cards thank you Mogsie and Twizzle.

Then Puppynap gave me some steak, I was very hungry I didn't have anything t eat yesterday, I just didn't feel like it although I did have some water put into my mouth by a very special little tube thing.

I also had my pills...

...there are a lot of them at the moment but they are to make me better.

I need to drink more water Puppynap says, to keep my fluids up as well, whatever that means.

David slept down the stairs with us last night as well but I didn't see him until just now, I think he was going off to play somewhere. I can't wait until I can play again with him, but I'm not allowed just yet.

Once I had them I got very sleepy almost straight away. Daddy says that's so I repair myself quickly. I'd best go to sleep then, they said a surprise was coming later and I want to make sure I am awake for that.

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