Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Maybe Eye Surprise!

I saw David, open his eyes.

Ta Dah!


Brilliant new game David, I don't know what it's called though. Maybe eye surprise!

Well I'm Not Sure

I'm being a very good girl, waiting patiently for David to wake up, like Puppynap said.

 Then we're gonna have the best play, rough and tumble and chase around the house and then, and then...well I'm not sure but I'm sure I can think of something.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

I Really Want

I really want to go outside and play in the street but Puppynap said I wasn't allowed for a couple of days as I was reaching a very cautious part of my season and other doggies will be frisky around me.

 I don't know what he means, I know Winter is nearly over I heard him saying to Daddy the other day but I don't think he can mean that.

Humph. It's not fair I only want to go out and play with all the other doggies in the world.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Blue Bell Hill - Windy

We're going out, Daddy said we would if it was a lovely day.

It didn't take long to get there in the car.

Wow were are we?

Oh Blue Bell Hill. Yes I've been here before.

Come on I'll lead the way.

I think we should go through this thing here.

Although I'm not sure how we do.

Mind it Puppynap, the mud's very slippy this side.

But there's a great view the other side of the mud.

See it?

Now let's go down this big hill, I can see something brilliant at the bottom.

Yes down that way, that's where we're going?

Right one of those tricky things again, but I'm practised at this now.

Come on Daddy, let's run after those people, they have a big dog with them you know!

Nearly there Daddy, it'll be worth it in the end.

Wow, beautiful fields.

You can let me off my lead now if you want.


They didn't but that was OK because I think they needed me to help them get back up the hill, it was very steep...

...and very windy up here.

Did you know Daddy we live down there somewhere?

That was a brilliant adventure, even better because I was allowed to hang out the window all the way home!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

That's Not A Special Treat

I've had a very lazy day today laying on the sofa with Daddy and the duvet watching films. It was brilliant until it came to dinnertime, I thought I was in for a real feast when I smelt the things Daddy was cooking and then Puppynap said there was a special treat for me tonight.

Um, I thought, then he brought it out, crunchies, rice and grave. RICE AND GRAVY that's not a special treat, not compared to all the lovely smells I thought I was having. The next film better be a corker!

It's My Job

It's my job to let the world know...


*Woof, woof, WOOF!*