Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I Think It Was The Dogs!

Today we went out to smell the flowers. 

These ones are purple smelling...

...and these one's smelt of butter.

Um I like the purple smelling ones they are my favourite.

And then Puppynap said we was going to go under the bridge and see what flowers were over in that land.

If it's anything like the smell of the tunnel it won't be that nice!


Ergh what's that smell?

Oh lot's of doggies have been here before.

I was glad to get back to the road, it really smelt down there today, Puppynap said it must have been the heat. I think it was the dogs! 

You Must

There's lots of cats out there today and I'm gonna show them!

Lots and lots of cats

If you come here you must play with me!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It's Very Noisy Out There Tonight

Blimey it's very noisy out there tonight, everyone's calling me to come out and play but it's not fair Daddy said I must stay by his side and pick out a birthday present for him.

Oh OK then!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit

Puppynap said come on River if we go to get Daddy early then there's a special treat gonna happen for you.

When we got there Puppynap said we are going to see the rabbits.

RABBITS! Come on what we waiting for?.

Wow, look at them there's loads all running about in the rabbit field.

Run rabbit, run rabbit..., run, run!

They were brilliant, can we come again soon and see them?

Monday, 21 April 2014

The Pressure Of An Audience

I was just sitting out in the garden protecting Daddies legs when I saw Nadia.

What you gonna climb all the way up there Nadia?

Go on then I'll watch you.

Thanks this is hard enough as it is, let alone with the pressure of an audience!

Go on you can make it.

Urgh first step.

Bored of that now, who's gonna play chase the pink kitty ball with me?

Just let me pull Daddies plant apart first. I'm looking for clues!

Urgh this bit's a bit tough!

And then a bird came by to see what I was doing and sang me his song.

And then he went away...

...and then a Robin came to say hello. He sang me his song!

Made it. That was tougher than it looked. Oh thank's for sticking around!

Yeah pink kitty ball, I'm not scared of you anymore.

Here I come.


Off To Eat Me Lunch! - Nadia Speaks!

Hello Nadia. What are you doing?

Would you like to play chase with me?

I don't think she wants to!

Oh! Where did she go?

Off to eat me lunch!

I'll Be Gentle!

Can I go outside and play with Nadia please? I'll be gentle!