Sunday, 26 March 2017

So Tired...

I'm so tired today I can hardly stand up but I'm trying.

It must have been yesterday being out in the wind running around looking for Daddy I was tired when I cam home. even when The Elf and her husband came to see me I could hardly keep awake.

Ooh I'm so tired.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Mud Run

Today's the day we're going off on a Daddy event. Today's the day of the mud run



...I love car journey's, head out the window.

Loving the breeze.


Ooh there's lots of people here.

I wonder what a mud run is?

Lots of people in shorts.

And jumping up an down and shivering.

Ooh hang on somethings happening.

Quick come see.

There's Daddy!

What's going on?

And they're off!

That's it pick me up so I can see where my Daddy is.

There he is. Daddy!


Right what's next?

Let's go over there.

*Sniff, sniff *

Other doggiesssssss!

Come on this way

I want to run with wild abandon through the fields.


That was a bit hard, they need to cut this grass.

Right I'm bored of this what's next?

Exploring, that's what's next.

Into an enchanted forest.

To find where the witches live.

And lots of waiting around in the wind for Daddy to come back.

Here he is and now I see why it's called the mud run.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Nanny Doesn't Get The Hint Easily

Nanny doesn't get the hint easily.

When I do this it means I want up...

...and when I do this it means a treat needs to go into my mouth.

Umm more training required I think.