Saturday, 19 April 2014


There was a knock on the door.

BRILLIANT! It's the boy and the girl come to see me.

Here girl let me lick your chin. Hello.

Stop it, you know you love it really!

Hello boy, you wanna licky chin too?

Yippee, he does want one!

Play with me boy, tickle my face.

Tickle my belly now!

Ooh what you got in your hand for me?

I Don't Look Scruffy!

What do you mean? I don't look scruffy!

Stop it Daddy, it tickles!


Erghhhh let me go, erghhhh!

Ta Dah!

What You Doing River?

What you doing River?

I'm just watching things.

Friday, 18 April 2014

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River, a cheeky and mischievous 8 week old Shih Tzu puppy, says goodbye to her family on the coast and moves inland to begin the next fun-filled chapter of her life. Her wide eyed enthusiasm for adventure and her excitement at exploring this new world is shared with Nadia, an independent tortoise with a love for running, and Lil' a kind but cautious cat, both totally unaware that their settled lives were about to be transformed with the arrival of trouble! 

No one knew exactly what to expect but it wasn't long before everyone was learning that River wasn't just a cute, inquisitive, bundle of fun, she brought with her a special kind of magic, a magic that touched everyone she met, a magic that changed lives!

These are Rivers songs to the world, a place where children and adults alike are invited to enter the world of River, Nadia and Lil' and discover their own special kind of magic too!

Rivers Songs, Tales of a Teddy Bear - My First Winter, introduces River to her new extended family who would become her guardians, her friends, her teachers and students and join in with River’s wonderment of her first Winter, Christmas, snow and taste of love!


Rivers Songs, Tales of a Teddy Bear 
Volume 2 - My First Spring

In Rivers Songs, Tales of a Teddy Bear - My First Winter, River the cheeky and mischievous  Shih Tzu puppy said goodbye to her family on the coast and moved inland bringing her own special brand of wide eyed enthusiasm for adventure and excitement with her. Exploring this new world she made sure she included her new sisters, Nadia the tortoise and Lil’ the cat, whether they wanted to be or not!

Now that Spring has arrived River’s gained greater freedom and she’s even more inquisitive than ever, making sure everyone joins in! During Winter her new family had begun to get an idea of how things were going to be now that River had arrived and sprinkled them with her magic. Now it’s Spring, River is making sure they get it!

Rivers Songs, Tales of a Teddy Bear - My First Spring continues Rivers adventures with her friends,  join River as she goes on her first holiday,  starts a sit down protest, finds the Chamber of Secrets, meets Nep the Tunnel Monster, tries skating on ice, learns sign language and enters her own Land of Oz. 

River is changing as she bids Snow White goodbye and says hello to River The Wonder Dog, and discovers a passion for show jumping!

These are River’s songs to the world, a place where all are invited to enter the world of River, Nadia and Lil' and discover their own special kind of magic too! 

Great for children, animal lovers or just if you fancy having a bit of a laugh at a silly little puppy!


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Daddy Brought Lunch!

OK we're going up the road today.


Daily news, daily news.


Oh what's up there?


Don't want to go home yet!


Brilliant we're not and Daddy brought lunch!

And then it snowed pink snow!

Come on let's go and find some more.

And Then!

Puppynap just spat and then sneezed all over me!


Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Thursday, 17 April 2014

She Threw It At My Face

I've been very tired today and was really surprised when Puppynap woke me up and said come on River we're going to see some friends.

Ooh I wonder who we are going to see, come on Puppynap get the car moving I'm ready!

I fell asleep as soon as the car started and then in a second we was at the girls house. Brilliant, thanks Puppynap I love coming to see the girls, they are very good friends to me.

I was just having a little explore in their garden when I heard a knock on the door and I could hear two people calling out my name.

I ran to it very fast, I can come back and explore later but I wanted to see who had come to see me.

It was my Daddy and The Elf.

Come on in Elf you've got some work to do, let me show you the way!

I was hungry it was time for my dinner.

Puppynap had to tell her how to feed it to me in my mouth. 

What you do is bring it right to me mouth and then just as I get it between my teeth drop it in.

Puppynap told The Elf this but she got confused and threw it at my face like I was trying to catch a peanut and everyone laughed.

You've got some learning to do Elf!

After dinner I was still so tired so I jumped up behind the girl to have a little rest. Ahh it's so lovely here snuggled up she's lovely and warm and it never takes me long to fall asleep next to her. Thanks for a lovely evening everyone.