Thursday, 19 January 2017

Stop What You Are Doing...

I've just had a lovely long sleep and my dinner, special diet food and green peppers and now I'm full of energy.

Come on Puppynap stop what you are doing and play with me.


Here we go!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

*1 Second Later*

I've been playing hide and seek with Puppynap in the garden. I wanted to play with David but I couldn't find him but this is lots of fun.

He let me outside ages ago and just now he's come outside calling my name and looking everywhere for me but he can't see me. I just have to stay really still and patient and not break cover and I bet he won't find me before he gives up.

*1 second later*

Oh is that a mole I see?

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Monday, 16 January 2017

Back On The Menu

They're trying me on red peppers now. 

I've been good and not itched on the chicken and I've heard it's now back on the menu once a week. That's potato, chicken, my treats from my shop and my tooth sticks. 

I must just now make sure I don't itch on the peppers, they are my favourite!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

The Best Way I Know How

Puppynap isn't feeling too well, he's got a cold or flu or something. No one else is here so it's up to me to look after him the best way I know how.

By falling asleep on his lap, it keeps him warm you know and that will make him better quicker I'm sure.