Sunday 16 June 2024

I Just Can’t Make My Mind Up

 It’s lovely and hot out here today.

They’ve got me a bed all ready but I just can’t decide where I want to settle. One minute I’m all hot and the next all cold depending on where I go.

I just can’t make my mind up!

Saturday 15 June 2024

I ThinkThat’s A Good Thing To Do

 I’m very tired today as we was up late with our friends talking and chatting.

Puppynap said I could sleep in today but I wanted up everyone up so that I could sleep on their laps.

I think that a good thing to do!

Thursday 13 June 2024

I Woke Puppynap Up Before 5

 Ahhh. The lovely smell of flowers first thing in the morning.

Well I say first thing but I woke Puppynap up before 5 and it took him until now to get out of bed to take me out!

Tuesday 11 June 2024

My Pyjamas

 Please don’t just look at me, help me my pyjamas are coming off and getting me caught up!

Sunday 9 June 2024

And Planting Or Plants

 It’s been a brilliant day in the garden. I love it when the suns out you can really get into doing things.

Lots of tidying…

…and digging…

…and gardening and planting of plants.

Saturday 8 June 2024

I Love Saturday Afternoons

 I love Saturday afternoons.

Cuddled up with Puppynap all snuggly under the blanket on the sofa.

Yes I love Saturday afternoon.

Friday 7 June 2024

Until Night Time That Is!

 It’s been a spa day today.

I always like as I get to see my friends although it does really tire me out too and I have to sleep a lot.

Until night time that is!

Wednesday 5 June 2024

There’s No Need For Me To Adjust Myself

 Yes thank you I’m very comfortable.

No, there’s no need for me to adjust myself at the moment!

Tuesday 4 June 2024

I Know I’m Slow This Morning

 I know I’m slow this morning.

I didn’t want to go the way you took me. If we went the other way I bet it would have been much faster!

Sunday 2 June 2024

Saturday 1 June 2024

I Did A Good Job!

 I got up here all by myself again.

I deserved a treat, daddy and Puppynap went to London for the day and left me in charge.

I did a good job!