Monday 19 September 2016

I Knew Where I Was Going As Soon As I Got There

I thought I was all settled for the evening just waiting for Daddy to come home when Puppynap got me all ready and said we were going out.

I knew where I was going as soon as we got there, I was here not that long ago... was the Doctor's.

They had taken me there to have a chat abut my itching and a little operation I need to have. Daddy says I can't have babies because I have a little hermia and it could be passed on to them, so best to be safe.

Oh OK, I'm OK I've got you two and David and Nadia so that's OK.

What I am interested in is the other doggie over there, I want to go and play with him,

I wasn't allowed.

I'm just waiting for Daddy to give me some extra dinner treats, got to build me up nice and strong for Thursday.