Sunday 18 September 2016

I Keep On Falling Through The Gaps

I love spending time with Daddy and Puppynap in the garden but I don't like this bench I keep on falling through the gaps.

And David offers no help, sitting there all pretty.

Oi come on help me!

Oh never mind, time to try some of these gravy bones Daddy ordered in specially as they'd stopped doing my usual brand of treat.


Oh now you come to help me, now I'm all settled on Puppynaps leg and sleepy. Guess you are too.

Oh no sleepy, frisky.

Well carry on doing it with him then, I'm too tired.

And interested in the funny plane thing in the sky.

And guarding your toy mouse Daddy brought out for you to play with, Don't worry I'll watch it for you David.

Although after 4 hours I do think you could take a turn looking after mousy.

Because the responsibility has just gone and worn me out.

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