Saturday 29 April 2017

A Dog Went For A Swim!

This afternoon it was sunny so we all went for a walk... see the ducks

This Way?

Some geesey things were having a chat...

...about their children.

I think they were having a row really.

But then even more amazing things happened.

A dog went for a swim!

Happy Birthday...

Happy birthday...

...NANNY! x

David Is A Good Tosser

We just really went for it playing.

David is a good tosser.

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Friday 28 April 2017

Cuddle Time

I'm enjoying getting used to my new bed.

Until it's cuddle time.

Thursday 27 April 2017

The Perfect Colour Combination

I've been helping supervising Puppynap, he's been painting the kitchen and things. Exactly the same colour that it was.

He said he likes the colours feng shui I think they're called.

*Shakes head*

The Daddy came in a brought me a new bed. He said it was a foot stool for him and not too get too attached to it, it was his.

Then my friend came to see me for Daddies birthday yesterday.

Then I got back on my bed, of course it's mine we're the perfect colour combination.

Wednesday 26 April 2017

It's Daddies Birthday Today

It's Daddies birthday today and we opened our presents before we went to bed.

I gave Daddy this, I saved up all the things I found and gave them to Puppynap to do a trade thingy for Daddies present.

In the morning we had breakfast on the rug together.

The nanny and granddad came to see me.

And Daddy and Puppynap went out...

So I decided to...

...have a sit on granddad's lap. Comfy.

Then it was time to chase nanny around outside. One two one two.

Then they came home and it was time for me to have a spa, shoulder massage from Daddy.

Then a leg one and a bit of a brush.

Followed by a healthy red pepper for dinner.

And a cuddle with David. It's been a brilliant day, I've loved Daddies birthday but I love Daddy even more.

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Tuesday 25 April 2017

It's A Big Day Tomorrow

It's a big day tomorrow so I'm having an early night. I'm going to need my energy, tomorrow is Daddies birthday.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Monday 24 April 2017

The Polar Bear

I've got a new toy.

I was up with Puppynap in the bedroom playing tug the sleeve when he gave me the polar bear. I didn't even know it was in there all this time.

I'm going to play with it more in a minute after I've tossed David over my shoulder.

Saturday 22 April 2017

Did You Know?

Did you know?

Did you know it's time for a treat?

Did you know?

Wednesday 19 April 2017

And The Leg Came Off My Lamby

Today The Elf came for a surprise visit.

And the sun was shining so I had a little sleep in my chair in the window.

Then it was time to go exploring in the garden.

It was tiring.

Very tiring.

But not too tiring to miss my afternoon snack.

Then Daddy and Puppynap came in and the leg came off my lamby.

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Then Mr Morris Opened The Door

I nearly had a secret adventure today. I went to work with Daddy and then Mr Morris opened the door and I nearly got out. 

Daddy saw me and called me back in but I smelt the rabbits in the field and I wanted out so I tried to get past the legs but I couldn't.

I'll try again next time I go in I think.

Monday 17 April 2017

Here, Far, Wherever You Are...

It's that time again.

Short back and sides please it's getting warmer.

Here, far, wherever you are...

Now where's my good-girl-spa-day-after-treatment treat?

It's Got A Ladybird On It

Daddy brought a new cushion home with him with a ladybird on it.

Erghhh! It's in my way!

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Saturday 15 April 2017

YES! That Will Get There Attention


I can't get their attention and I want their attention.

I know what will work!

Going out into the back garden, going very quiet and hiding in a bush so they come out wondering why I'm so quiet and then where am I?

YES! That will get their attention!

Friday 14 April 2017


There was a knock on the door, the postman had arrived.

He had a package for Puppynap. It's a men-toe box, best-no-box, 


What's a bento box?

Thursday 13 April 2017

She Didn't So I Decided To Have A Cuddle With Doggie Instead

Today is Thursday and nanny comes on Thursday.

Today we played hide and seek.


Wake up nanny.

She didn't so I decided to have a cuddle with doggie instead.

And then Puppynap and Daddy and granddad all came to see me.

Then it was my time to have a sleep now all my family is around me and I feel nice and safe and settled.