Saturday 30 November 2013

Annual - I Was Perfect

I was having a little look out the window to see if Tiny wanted to come over to play when Daddy called me. He said we were going to go out and if I was a good, brave girl I was going to get a present.

BRILLIANT. We've gone to my supermarket. Now what is it I want?

Oh no we're at the Doctors. I don't mind the Doctors but each time I go I get prodded. There was another little doggie waiting to go in but Daddy and Puppynap wouldn't let me go and play.

So I winged. Erghhhhh.

First of all I got weighed and Daddy said he was very pleased. I was 7 kilos, 0.1 less than last time we went a couple of weeks ago. Puppynap said that although I was a good weight he didn't want me to get too big and was glad I lost a little bit of weight as it would mean I could get extra treats over Christmas. I wondered why he was only giving me half a treat each time I got one.

We then went in to see the Doctor and he checked my teeth and then he stuck something up my bum and then gave me an injection. Daddy said I was getting my annual but I'm confused because Puppynap said he used to get an annual every Christmas when he was a little boy but he said he read his one's.

The Doctor was very pleased with me and said I was perfect. I already knew that!

When then went shopping. I love going shopping here there's so many smells and foods and toys and other doggies to play with.

I was allowed three things and when we came home Daddy gave me a green thing he said was called Rawhide. It was lovely AND it turns your paws green to!

Friday 29 November 2013

My Surprise

 I was playing with my fighting doggie when Daddy said he was going to get me my 365 surprise.

He went into the kitchen and I could smell something yummy that I've never smelt before and I've smelt a lot!

Oooh what is it, it's lovely?

That was delicious, Daddy said it's called STEAK. I ate it all up and I licked the bottom of my bowl and then came to have a sleep on Daddy it's made my tummy all fulled up and even better Daddy said I've got some more later.

I love it here and I love my Daddy sooo much.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


Daddy and Puppynap said today is a special day for me, they said that today I was going to get anything I wanted and Puppynap pulled me up on the bed early and said that Daddy was home today to spend the whole day with me.


When Daddy woke up he gave me a great big cuddle and said that today it's my second birthday, it's been 365 days, a whole year since I came to live here and that they loved me very very much.

I love them very much too.

When Daddy brought me down the stairs he said I could do anything and gave me a great big treat.

When I was eating it I saw Tiny watching his Daddy clean his car and we said hello to each other. I want to help my Daddy wash the car and I think I will this weekend.

When Puppynap came down the stairs Daddy said come on River we're going to get you an extra special treat. Oooh.

Come on hurry up Daddy and don't forget me!

I'll lead the way.

When we got to the top of the road Daddy said look there's Father Christmas, he's coming to see you soon.

YIPPEE Father Christmas is coming. This is a brilliant day.

Has he left me a present here?

No nothing there!

Is my surprise over there?

No it wasn't but it might be here!

No nothing there.

Ah it's in there, Daddy has gone inside to get it and he said I'm going to have an experience I've never had before. Oooh!

Thursday 28 November 2013

Helping Out

I'm helping Puppynap out with his work today. He's on the phone and I'm looking what's on the pewter. It's all words and numbers, I hope he hurry's up and finishes I wanna go down the stairs and play.

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Learning All On My Own

Daddy and Puppnap are very proud of me, they told me so.

It's getting Winter time and every time I go out I have to put my coat on to keep me warm and when he picks up my coat I know we're going out and I get very excited. Sometimes I even jump around in circles which makes them laugh and clap there hands.

Puppynap does it a special way and I've been learning what to do.

First of all he says turn around but I don't really know what that means. Then he picks me up so that I'm facing away from him and then he says, this one, and taps my left lag and I life it up. Then he says this one and taps my right leg but I don't always lift that one up because I'm ready to go. When he's done that he usually picks me up and turns me all the way over and does my coat up but yesterday I remembered what happens then and lay down on my back all by myself and he gave me a great big cuddle and got all excited so I thought that's what I need to do.

I did it again today straight away as soon as my right leg was in and he got all excited again and told Daddy when we picked him up.

They said I'm learning all on my own and soon I'll be getting an extra special treat. Ooh I can't wait, what's it going to be?

Tuesday 26 November 2013

I'm River Strong

Oh what you got there Daddy?

*Gasp* It's my scarf. I'm coming to getcha!


Grrrr. I'm not letting go. I'm the strongest doggie in the world!

See. I told you! Pull it up as high as the clouds, I'm not going to let go.

I'm River Strong!

Sunday 24 November 2013

Shall I?

Shall I come up Lil'?

Lil'! Shall I come up?

Lil', LIL'

Get ready, here I come!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Shake My Paw It's Manners

I was just having a little sit with Daddy to keep his feet warm when I heard the door bell ringing. 



Hello, you must shake my paw hello, Puppynap said it's the right manners.

I licked her face lot's as well.

Come on Elf, play with me, come on what you waiting for?

Oooh, what you doing? What's this game called? Ah a puzzle!

Friday 22 November 2013

And The Answer Is...

Today I helping Puppynap out with his work. He had a very difficult thing to do on the pewter and he said he needed my help, so I had a look for him.

And the answer is...two treats for me!

Thursday 21 November 2013


I've had so much fun playing pull the scarf with Daddy but I can see Puppynap...

...and he's got CAKE!

Wednesday 20 November 2013

We Can Keep Each Other Warm

There's one brilliant thing about this time of year, as it's cold Daddy's got the fire on really high and it's lovely and warm in here. I've discovered that if you lay right in front of it you get lovely and snugly and warm.

Puppynap said I looked so comfy he wanted to make me even more comfortable so he brought my bed beanbag over and put it right in front of it. So lovely.

Even better now I have my teddy here with me we can keep each other warm.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

I Love It

I love it when Lil' just comes and has a little sit by me, I don't even mind that she woke me up although I'm too tired tonight to play but I will tomorrow Lil' we can play chase all day if you like.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


It's time, it's time, Daddy is home and it's time for us to open my presents.

Daddy said that I have to wait for Christmas Day for my present. Brilliant I remember Christmas the last time it was here.

Daddy did say I can help him open this one though, umm it smells lovely I bet it's food for me but it does smell sweet.


There's Somebody At The Door

I was just helping Puppynap tidying things up the stairs, I'm getting really really good at showing him what we need to keep and what we need to throw away. The things we need to keep that he makes a mistake on I pull out of the bag and put in the corner near my bed.

When we was up there I then heard the door bell but Puppynap was on the phone and he didn't hear.

There's somebody at the door, there's someone at the door Puppynap! 




Monday 18 November 2013

I Know, I've Done That Before

Phew I'm so worn out, I've been helping Puppynap all afternoon with the tidying up things. We went all through the draws and the cupboards and there was a great big bag of rubbish to take out but Puppynap had to do it my claws would rip it open. 

I know I've done that before !

Time to rest now though.

Sunday 17 November 2013

Saturday 16 November 2013

So Relaxed I Could Fly

Puppynap has just given my jaw a massage right at the back, it was delicious and made me pant and giggle now I'm just all woozy.

 I'm so relaxed I could fly!