Sunday 31 March 2013

My Treasures

Puppynap just showed me all my treasures that I've collecting all week and brought in for them.

There's a couple of stones and a bit of a brick I bit off and some moss and a bit of a pot and one of the leaves from the llighty up rainbow flower thing.

It sure has been a busy week.

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Sometimes Lil' Really Acts Strange?

Sometimes Lil' really acts strange? 
I've been on Puppynaps legs fast asleep and she's all creeping around me. If she wants to say hello then hello but I'm too tired to do anything.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Digging To Do

I was really good this morning and woke Puppynap up early. He was so pleased I could tell because he scooped me up in his arms and rushed downstairs.

We had a big cuddle while he played with my hair. That got boring so I went outside to do some digging. Love Heart came over to say hello but she didn't say much she just looked at me all funny.

Oh well not a lot I can do about that must get back to it, digging awaits!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Friday 29 March 2013

Before, During And After

Today they told me I was going to get a haircut. I've had these before so I know what to expect, plenty of attention and treats while I pretend to squirm around just enough to keep them on their toes.

I knew it was time when they started preparing the operating table with instruments and cloths and things So I jumped up at Puppynap.

and spun around and around.

Daddy them spent ten minutes brushing and stroking me. This bit is fine and incures no costs.

Half way through we had a break while they tidied up the table of my hair.

When we was finished I jumped on daddies back and some girls came over to see me.

And then I showed everyone what I looked like after my haircut and bath.

And then a boy and a girl came over and a girl put me in her nightie thing and held me tight. it was very warm in there and I struggled to get out.

I then jumped around and played with everyone for ages. It was brilliant but I'm so tired now it's been a busy day.

Thursday 28 March 2013

A Trendsetter

There's been so much coming and going here today that I'm pooped. Cats everywhere. Poppinanapper has been laying around all day and keeping hold of me so I didn't bark at them.

I got bored though and went outside and started to dig some holes. I love digging holes you find lots of things like stones and bulbs and things it's brilliant fun but tiring so I'm having a little rest now waiting for daddy to come home.

It's amazing though cause when the cats saw me digging holes it looked like they wanted to join in. I'm a trendsetter!

I Pretended Not To Hear

Poppinanapper went out this morning with daddy and was gone a very long time. When he came back he had lots and lots of bags probably with treats in it for me. He took such a long time playing with them though that I got bored waiting and went outside to play.

I found a great big stick that I am going to add to my collection of things I've brought inside this week. I've given Daddy and Poppinanapper so many presents they must be very proud of me.

Poppinanapper saw me though the window and ruined the surprise. He must still be pretending not to see as he called me. I wasn't finished yet though so I ran around in circles chasing my tale to fool him. There's a hole over there I want to explore.

But he called me again so I scratched my ear and pretended not to hear. Somehow I've got to get this stick past him without him seeing but I can see a denta stick in his hand and I love those so I'm going to come back later.

Wednesday 27 March 2013

And She Did

Some things arrived for daddy tonight and I helped him with the unpacking. Boring kitchen stuff no interest although the box is fabulous and the paper is my favourite colour. 

I then saw Lil and ran up to her but Puppinanapper grabbed me and cuddled me in. After a  few minutes she came back and rubbed up against the wall with her head. Strange the things these cats do totally different from us dogs. Never mind.

We then sat me one side of Puppinanapper and Lil' on the arm of the chair. We sat for ages and Puppinanpper said if I sat really still Lil would most probably say hello and she did.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Tuesday 26 March 2013

A Sit Down Protest

I've been on such an adventure this afternoon with Puppinanapper. I didn't know where we were going  but then I guessed after we went down the road and not up it that it was to go and see nanny.

When we got to the bottom of the road a lady came out of her garden to say hello to me and she said that she had a little doggy too and that he would bark once he saw me. He saw me straight away and ran around barking and calling out hello.

We went up the alley up the side of her house and I found a gap in the fence and we had a little chat until Puppinanapper said that we needed to go. I said bye and then we ran all the way down the alley.

At the other end of the alley there was a man in his garden playing with the stones. He'd left his gloves outside so I picked one up to take it to him. Puppinanapper said that I even though I was just being helpful that I must leave them where he put them. OK.

We then went across the big road and up to the stream where there was some ducks. I had a little look but I'm not too bothered about ducks I've seen them before and they don't do much although I like the colour of their heads all green and shiny.

I was more interested in the flowers. I love bulbs I try and did them up in our back garden but I wasn't allowed to here. Puppinanapper says I should leave them and just smell them and look at the flowers when they come through. OK.

When we got to where nanny is I saw some Squirrels. I love Squirrels they run away from me though and jumped all over one tree to the other tree. I don't think I'll ever manage to catch them but I'm still going to try.

When we was on our way home we went through a great big park where we ran and ran and ran. There was no one else around apart from in the corner a man was sitting on a swing with his little girl. I wanted to stop and watch but I wasn't allowed.

I didn't like that though and then sat down in protest until I got carried away from that place. I was determined I wasn't going to go but there's not a lot you can do when you are being carried. Still it was a great walk and I'm so tired now that I'm home.

Monday 25 March 2013

Half Past Five

Daddy and Puppinanapper love me waking them up first thing in the morning to have a cuddle.

I've done it today and surprised them by making it at half past five. I got the biggest cuddle as a reward especially for walking all over daddies head. Tomorrow I'm going to try and surprise them again by making it even earlier!

Sunday 24 March 2013

Saturday 23 March 2013

The Doggies Position

A boy and a girl came over tonight to see me. I always love it when we meet up as I get the biggest amount of attention.

A girl always gives me lots of cuddles and rubs like daddy does. Every time a girl is doing that a boy gets on the floor and gets into the doggies position.

He then shakes his head on the floor leaving his scent for me to sniff. 

Wow that girls got a strong grip she must have been working out to be so strong but I always manage to break free and go play with the boy until we're both panting.

After a while everyone started eating lots of chocolate Easter Eggs. Wow this Easters got a lot of food involved in it and Puppinanapper says it's not even Easter yet. I don't get to eat Easter eggs as Puppinanapper says that will make me very ill. I managed to escape for a while though with the Aerobubbles in the middle until daddy took them off me.

Then Lil' came down and we all settled down to watch something on the TV. Dunno what it was fell asleep.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Rivers Handbag

I almost don't believe it. Daddy just called me over, I thought we were going to play with my towel that a girl gave me but daddy wrapped it around me and lifted me up into the air and swung me around singing River's handbag, River's handbag.

I wonder if I should copyright the idea?

He Can Go Swimming Again

Daddy went swimming with a girl today and something amazing happened when he came back. He gave me something called an Easter Cake especially for little puppies.

It was lovely and crimbly and when I ate it it sprinkled everywhere like fairy dust. I don't know what Easter is but I love his cakes. He can go swimming again whenever he likes if he brings me back treats like these.

That's OK

Puppinanapper thanked me sooooo much for waking him up early this morning. That's OK I know he wanted to see the light come up.

We had a brilliant cuddle in bed for ages before Lil' woke up and we played chase around the bedroom before coming downstairs.

Yeah it's the weekend and daddy is home I'm going to have so much fun today I just know it.

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Thursday 21 March 2013

A Dogs Best Friend

I've been very bored today. Puppinanapper hid lots of treats all around the house for me to find but I found them all in about 2 seconds.

Humph I don't like it when they aren't here I didn't know what to do. The big Dobermanny dog went by and I called out to him but he can't be very friendly as he didn't even look at me. Maybe it's because he's hurt his leg because he was walking all lopsided.

In the end I went outside to see if Love Heart was around to play with but she wasn't so I found this great big stick to play with instead. I love sticks it's true what they say they are a dogs best friend. You can do so much with them. Clean your teeth, chuck them in the air and even use them to play swords with. I'm going to take this one in doors to play with and show Puppinanapper all my arts and crafts with it all over the floor.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

I Wish

I wish daddy and Puppinanapper would get off their computers and spend more time with me.

I'm getting very bored and it's making me very tired doing all this waiting.

Tuesday 19 March 2013


There's a cat out there and he keeps on walking up and down. I don't know why he's doing that. I think he wants to make friends with me as he keeps on looking over here but he's not coming over. 
Puppinanapper heard me and came to see what I was talking about. He said that I shouldn't be a ruffian. I don't know what a ruffian is but I think it's when you go outside and get your face all wet and then want to play with a cat.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Monday 18 March 2013

Not Moving Anywhere

Puppinanapper has been going mad today moving things all around. Luckily he didn't move my dinner bowl I like it where it is. When he got near to it I ran over and jumped up at him to play and he forgot and left it were it was.

I really didn't want him to move my chair either to I sat on it when he was being all busy bee and pretended to go asleep. Double lucky he left that alone as well and then I felt really tired anyway after my holiday. When we going away again?

Sunday 17 March 2013

My First Ever Holiday

I've just had my first ever holiday. I've never been on holiday before and I didn't even know that we were going.

Daddy and Puppinanapper told me as they were getting lots of bags and things in the car on Friday. They said that we were going to somewhere called Yorkshire to see WHS and A. I got very excited as I've seen them before and I really liked them.

Daddy said that it was going to take a long time to get there and we were going in the car. I love going in the car so I was doubly excited. 

We drove for ages and then everyone stopped for something called a PICNIC. This means that you stop and go for a walk and then have some dinner. We did this right by a really busy road and I was so glad to get out as I wanted to go to the toilet.

We then got back in the car and went for ages and ages. I think it was for about 2 days or something like that. 

Puppinanapper woke me up when we went past a forest called Sherwood and he said that a man lived in there called Robin Hood and he takes things from people and gives them to other people. I don't know why but he said he was called a later day hero. Then later on we passed some big buildings where lots of smoke came out. I got bored at that bit and went back to sleep. 

When we got there I was still tired and it was dark and so I thought I would go to sleep and see what would happen the next day.

The next day I woke up and had my own bed right next to daddy. It was different from my bed at home but they had brought lots of my toys so I played with them for a little bit before I went for a little walk. 

It was very different here than at home and lots of new smells but they had the same bins as us and I did see a cat. Cats are everywhere you go.

When we went around the corner and I saw a pot of some green food and it looked very lovely to eat but I wasn't allowed it but it let everyone know that I was hungry.

After we had some breakfast of scrambled eggs that WHS cooked for me especially we all went out and had a little look around. Puppianapper showed me a scary dolly thing in the window of a shop. Who would want such a thing?

We then went and saw some lions. Lions are really really big and daddy says they are related to Lil'. I think he must have that wrong as they look nothing like each other but he said they definitely are. Wow I wonder if Lil' will grow that big and sit that still?

When we got to a bridge we went over it and there was a river under it. I thought that was wrong too because I'm River but this one had a boat on it and lots of birds were flying around and people were feeding them. I stood there for ages looking at them. It was very windy and it made my ears fly backwards but I just couldn't stop looking. I don't think I've ever seen a boat before.

On the other side there was a great big park and I went running with daddy for ages. There was lots of other dogs running around. Oh it was brilliant. I wanted to play with them but wasn't allowed to but I didn't mind too much as this was fun.

 I was very tired after all the running around and so everyone went to a pub right by another river. They are everywhere here pubs and rivers.

I did have a little accident and managed to slip out of my reigns. It was very frightening and I just stood really still until Puppinanapper picked me up and said that as I was a good girl I could sit up at the table and join in with everyone. Then some friends of A and WHS's came with a little baby and we all sat together.

I've never been this close before to a little baby and she just looked at me. I wouldn't hurt her and I don't think she was scared but Puppinanapper took my paw and rubbed her hand with my soft hair so that she didn't get upset.

Then everyone went into a building to look at some paintings or something but I wasn't allowed in and so I went for a little walk with WHS. For some reason when everyone came out we had to do something daddy called a runner .To me it was just running but maybe that's what they call it Up North as Puppinanapper calls it where we had come to.

They really like going to pubs as then we went to another one called Fanny's Bar. They all found this very funny. They let dogs in there and I played with a couple before getting very tired and I went back to sleep.

I was very tired because they had forgotten my day time treats and I was hungry so when we came home I got a great big dinner and lots of treats to make up for it. Goodness me those people can talk and talk and talk and drink and talk and they did about things like toilet rolls and cotton wool. Don't ask my why they found that so funny. Sometimes humans find the strangest things funny.

I had such a busy day I just fell asleep again only to wake up in bed upstairs with everyone asleep. I don't know how I got up there but I think they must have carried me up but I knew it was time to get up so I crawled under the bed and jumped up at Puppinanpper until he took me down for some breakfast and a little walk.

It was then time to go home and so all the bags went back into the car and I went on daddies lap. I'd done this journey once before and so I didn't need to see the same things again but I did wake up when I heard Puppianapper say it was snowing. 

SNOW. I LOVE IT. But this snow Puppiananpper said was different from the snow we have when we are all indoors. I don't know why it looked the same but he said that it was something called frightening snow so me and daddy closed our eyes until we got to go on another picnic. You must always have picnics when you go on holiday.

I didn't like this one as much as before as after a little walk I was put in the back of the car as daddy and Puppianapper had a picnic and I had a whinge. 

I wasn't having that being put in the back. I like it in the front and so jumped on daddies head and everyone laughed. Then they pointed out some lady that bent over to pick up her scarf and said she had a mishap. No idea what a mishap is maybe it's what they call it when someone drops something and it makes you laugh so much that tears come down your face which they did to daddy.

It wasn't long then until we got back home. Lil' was waiting for me on the table. I told her all about my holiday. It would have been good if she came with us. I missed her and am going to give me a kiss later.

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