Sunday 31 August 2014

Watch The Sun Go To Sleep

I had such an exciting day yesterday that I've been worn out all day, asleep.

Daddy and Puppynap came out just now though but I was too tired even to play with my ball.

I can just about muster up the energy to sit and watch the sun going to sleep. Wow it's beautiful.

I Even Cleaned My Teeth

Daddy said come on River we're going out to show off your new haircut.

Puppynap, Daddy said we're going out and he said we're going to a party. BRILLIANT I love parties. Look I even cleaned my teeth.

When we stopped driving we all got out and saw the girl and the girls brother. 

Daddy ran me around a field until I got all out of breath.

And then we said goodbye and went back in the car and drove for ages until we saw the sea and Daddy said come on River we're going to visit some friends.

BRILLIANT Daddies friend is having a little baby and we all rubbed her tummy, I liked her a lot she said I was really cute and gave me lots of cuddles.

And then we all went out and finally got to our party. 

I love a good party, lots of strokes and bits of food fallen on the floor for me to eat. Perfect day.

Saturday 30 August 2014

A Little Massage

Come on River, Daddy said, it's time for your hair cut and we've got a special surprise for you...

...a new special kit to make it even easier.

Ooh I don't know that I like the look of that!

I wasn't too sure of it when it started making the buzzy noise but Puppynap cuddled me and said I was a good girl and you know what in the end it was quiet nice, it gave me a little massage on my back and tummy.

Friday 29 August 2014

I Can See Properly, I Can

I just jumped up on the chair and didn't quiet do it high enough. I didn't give up though and managed it on the second go. Puppynap then came over to see if I was Ok and then said um no wonder you couldn't make you can't see where you are going. You're getting a hair cut this weekend!

Oh no I don't like having my hair cut. I can see properly I can, pwomise. 

Thursday 28 August 2014

I Don''t Know What's Happened

I don't know what's happened to me today I'm so tired I can't even get up and have been asleep all morning on Daddies bed, on his side of course so I can still smell him there.

Puppynap said it's my lady times, they are making me tired. I think I must agree!

Wednesday 27 August 2014

I Tried My Best To Make Him Feel Guilty

Puppynap put his shoes on and that always means we're going out.

Where we going? Where we going?

But it wasn't we, he went out and left me all on my own.

I tried my best to make him feel guilty but he said he couldn't take me out this time.


I was a bit fed up but then Daddy came home at lunchtime to make sure I was Ok. That was a brilliant surprise.

And then not too longer after that Puppynap came home and called to me through the window.


Where you been? What you got me?

Oh I don't mind if you've not brought me anything in, I'm just so glad you're back. 

Get ready I'm coming for a cuddle!

Tuesday 26 August 2014

I Wouldn't Let That Stop Me

It's really late and Daddies not home yet. When's he coming home Puppynap?

Beep! Beep!

Is that him? Is that Daddy?

It is, it's my Daddy.

Brilliant, my doors not locked. Even if it was I wouldn't let that stop me from getting to my Daddy.

Sunday 24 August 2014

The New Fence

I was just having a little sleep when I heard Daddy and Puppynap out in the garden making noise and doing things.

I went to go out and see what was happening but my door was locked and all I could do was sit there and call out, come on let me out!

In the end they did and I was allowed to go through onto the other side of the garden, Daddy was putting up the new fence with Puppynap and some friends of the lady who lives next door. 

She's got a lovely garden and I walked all the way around it and had a little toilet and then we all had sausages.

It was BRILLIANT! But we hadn't finished yet so I had to come home and make sure the wood was the right size.

Yes I think I've got the size right, that will fit the gap perfectly!

Saturday 23 August 2014


I was just having a cuddle with Puppynap in the window when I heard a beep, beep.

Woof, woof. It's The Elf! 


Elf, Elf. Love you Elf. Thanks for coming to see me, have you come to make me fee better?

Pick me, up, yes that's right pick me up and give me a cuddle.

What have you got for me?

Umm, thank you.

It's working, The Elf being here it did, it made me feel a bit better.

I, I, I, Think I'll Have The Energy

I woke up really early today because my tummy was hurting and ran around to Puppynap to pick me up into bed and give me a cuddle. Almost as soon as he had I felt a bit better but my tummy hurts.

When Daddy woke up he said yes River, it's true your lady times are here I can see, you poor little thing but don't worry we'll look after you and make you feel better.

I was glad of that and then he said The Elf was coming down to see me today. I love seeing The Elf and I, I, I, think I'll have the energy to give her a kiss and a cuddle but I'll have to see how I feel later, I'm too tired to even chat to my doggie friends in the back garden.

Thursday 21 August 2014

Let Me Give You A Kiss

I was just having a little sleep when Puppynap said come on River we're going to get our special friend.

Oh were at the place where Daddy used to come home from. There she is, there she is it's WHS.

And then we went to a lovely garden and Puppynap and WHS said we're having lunch River. Um lip licking good, I wonder what I'm having?

Come on hurry up with the dinner, I'm hungry.

Brilliant it's chips! One of my favourites. Can I have another one?

And then Daddy came and met us and we all went home and sat around in the garden chatting.

That was lovely but I got bored and shouted at Daddy to play chase the ball with me and so I could show WHS how good I am at it.

I've had a BRILLIANT day thank you WHS let me give you a kiss.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Can I Go Out To Play?

It's very warm and so I had a little lay down by the window to keep cool and then...

...;I saw Tiny on the other side of the road and he called out to me to come and play. Hang on I just need to ask my Daddy if I'm allowed out to play.

Can I Daddy? Can I go out to play?

I Knew

Puppynap said it was nearly time for Daddy to come home so I went out in the garden to get him a strawberry because I know he likes them and I've missed him so much today.

Then all of a sudden I heard a beep, beep. That means my Daddy is home!

What do you mean Puppynap, I heard the beep, beep it must be my Daddy.

No stop saying it's not him, I know it's him I heard the beep, beep!

Daddy! DADDY! I knew it, I knew you was here, I knew it was you. BRILLIANT

Tuesday 19 August 2014


I was such a good helpful girl today. Puppynap said a special friend was coming to see me this week and we needed to tidy up and clean the windows. Puppynap did the inside and then went outside. 

Silly Puppynap, you didn't clean the inside enough. Never mind I'll sort that out for you.

*Lick, lick, lick, lick*