Tuesday 31 December 2013

New Years Eve

Wow Lil's in a great mood tonight!

What, it's New Years Eve? 


Jump, jump, jump, backwards

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

I'm Liking

I'm Liking this New Years Eve extra special treats stuff.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Christmas Is Over

What do you mean Christmas is over? I was bringing my stocking for you to fill up again!

You Go First

Oh there's Lil' 

Hi Lil', LIL'...

LIL', where you going Lil'?

Brilliant, Lil' wants to play chase. You go first.

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Monday 30 December 2013

Looks Tasty

Lil's paw looks tasty, I think I'll have a lick in a minute!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Sunday 29 December 2013


It's playtime! 

Um, now who shall I choose to be the lucky one to play with Felix with me?

Puppynap, come on play Felix with me. 

Ha ha ha, I tricked you I wanted to play with your arm really.


Oh no, Daddy tricked me. He crept up behind me and made me dance with him.

I must think of another plan!

Saturday 28 December 2013

I Got Stuck Under The Sofa - Mr Slocombe

Today Daddy and Puppynap said come on River, we're going to go and visit your friends. Wow who are we going to see because Daddy says I've got lots of friends. We went in the car and after I stuck my head out of the window for a little bit I got tired and fell asleep and when I woke up we was there.

Brilliant we're at WHS, but I don't know where the man who wears the jeggings was, although there was some other people that there instead. One was the lady who I met before when we came to London K and a man who held her hand and another lady L and a man who called me Mrs Slocombe. I think he was a bit confused I'm not called Mrs Slocombe.

I got so excited that I ran all the way under the sofa and then got stuck so Daddy had to come and push me back out.

I didn't like getting stuck under the sofa and it even happened the second time I did it. Humph!

Then I cuddled up to Mr Slocombe, I think I worked it out, he wasn't calling me Mrs Slocombe he was saying hello Mrs I'm Mr Solcombe. He didn't know where to put his arm and I could tell that he wanted to give me a cuddle...

...but he was a little bit shy, Puppynap said he didn't want to get fresh with me so I took control and just jumped all over him. Mr Slocombe loved it and threw his hands in the air with joy.

WHS then got a turn to give me a cuddle after I had sorted out Mr Solcombe. She smells lovely and always gives me lots of kisses on my face. 

I gave her some back too.

Friday 27 December 2013

The Elf's Always Been A Little Crazy

It really must still be Christmas, the Elf and the Husband Elf came to see me again today. I think the Husband Elf has got a soft spot for me now, when no one is really looking that much he gives me lots of strokes and even chats to me.

The Elf's always been a little crazy around me. She pulls me close and then pushes me away and laughs and then gives me loads of treats.

Sometimes though I don't think she knows what's going on, today she got me mixed up with a present and I got put in a box! 

Still it was OK Lil' was around if I needed a helping hand out. She does look after me well. I love Lil'

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Thursday 26 December 2013

This Is What You Do On Boxing Day

I remember what you do on the Boxing Day, you look at all your presents again.

And chase Lil' all around the house

And then play with your presents all over again. Sometimes though you have to let Daddy and Puppynap know what they want to play with.

Daddy got my clothey thing and made me jump up and down to catch it.

When I was patient and very still good girl I got a treat!

And then it was time to burn off the chicken I had for lunch. 

Yes I had the chicken!

I'm coming to getcha clothey thing.

Eventually I caught it...

Phew it's tiring out all this playing with your toys on Boxing Day but that is what you do.

I didn't want to go to sleep and miss anything but in the end I was just too tired and cuddled up with Felix...

But Puppynap saw me and lifted me up and tucked me in on my bed on my chair. I wonder what happens the day after Boxing Day, this Christmas thing is just so much fun!

Wednesday 25 December 2013

My Magical Christmas Day - Somewhere Under The Rainbow

I was up all night waiting for Santa to come. I even went outside in the dark and called to him to see if he was coming. Daddy came out three times to get me.

I was then very, very tired and when I woke my eyes up I saw he had been SANTA HAS BEEN!

I called to Lil' to come and see.

But Daddy was still very asleep, he must be very, very tired today.

Daddy, Daddy, wake up, he's been Santa's been.


Daddy, Daddy look, Santa's been.

Come on Lil' look Santa's been.

Lil' was very happy.

Which one's do you think are mine?

Oh come on!

Oooh this is my one. What is it?

Wow it's a spinning cloth and a rope and a rope ball. All for me!

River the Doggy present.

Lil' found it funny.

I think she wants some of my paper. I LOVE paper.

Lil' got a fly in the air thing and she really liked it.

Can I have a go Lil'?

She didn't want me to play with it but she did let me play with her stocking.

And when her's was nice and wet I went back to play with my clothey thing.

Then Daddy said come on River let's go for a walk and see Nanny. Brilliant come on then let's go. 

I know the way Daddy, I'll show you.

We're nearly there just across the big road.

Here we are Daddy help me across the road, I'm all wet and I can't run as fast.

When we go on the other side of the road the rain suddenly stopped and when we looked back we saw a great big rainbow. Puppynap said that we'd come through the rainbow and now we were on the other side. Daddy said we lived right under the rainbow. WOW!

Even though the rain stopped everywhere was still very wet even the leaves.

It didn't matter though and I ran through all the puddles I could find.

The sun was really shining when we got to see Nanny and Grandad Daddy said it didn't matter any more if I got dirty.

Any papers? Any papers? Anyone got any papers for me?

No, nothing there.

When we got in Daddy cleaned my paws clean and dry because they were covered in mud.

Don't forget about the back one's Daddy!

After all that long walk & under the rainbow I settled down for a little sleep while Daddy and Puppynap played games.

It looked a good game with lots of bits of wood but I was just too tired to play and fell asleep for hours and hours.

When I woke up it was dinnertime.

I had the chicken!

And the peas and the potato and the sweetcorn and the carrots. It was delicious!

Then I found my rope and gave it another go. It's brilliant for my teeth.

Lil' had her dinner a little later than me because she was a lazy sleepy bones up the stairs.

 And when she finished having a wash she said would I show her how to play my game. She's in a really good mood today.

I would do, if only I could get it off my head!

I've had a BRILLIANT Christmas. What's happening tomorrow?

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