Sunday 30 July 2023

There’s Nothing Better

 I love cuddling up with my daddy. There’s nothing better!

Saturday 29 July 2023

Lazing Around

 I’ve had a lovely day in the garden today.

Just having a rest…

…and lazing around!

Friday 28 July 2023

Brilliant It’s A Winner!

 I had a spa day today with my friends.

It’s always better when I’ve had a haircut and a clean. I’m even allowed out a bit more as I’ll be cooler.

Brilliant it’s a winner!

Thursday 27 July 2023

Not Even The Rain

 Not even the rain stops us, when we want to go for a walk.

I quite like it but only if I’m outside if I’m inside it makes me shiver. Brrrr!

Tuesday 25 July 2023

And A Bit Of A Think!

 Sometimes I just like to come out in the garden on my own and have a little look around…

and a bit of a think!

Saturday 22 July 2023


Puppynap says I look wistful.

I don’t know what that means but I just wish I was going with them. Really wish it!

Friday 21 July 2023

It’s Fun And Tasty

 I’m love licking Puppynap s neck, it’s fun and tasty.

It makes him feel good too!

Thursday 20 July 2023

I’m Helping Daddy In The Garden

 I’m helping daddy in the garden.

Puppynap says I’m the best at it, ever!

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Flowers Or Bins


…or bins?


…or bins?

I just can’t make my mind up which smells the better!

Monday 17 July 2023

Saturday 15 July 2023

Ooh It’s Windy Outside

 Ooh it’s windy outside. I don’t like the wind, it’s too noisy

I best cuddle down until it stops!


Friday 14 July 2023

Wednesday 12 July 2023

We Love Holding Hands

 I’m I’m not sure that I really want this position.

That’s better…

…we love holding hands.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side 

Tuesday 11 July 2023


 I went to the doctor today with daddy.

I was ok it was just a check up and then they tricked me and cut some of my nails.

I’m getting plenty of treats though, as compensation!

Monday 10 July 2023

No Hot Sun!

 I love cool Summer evenings. I’m allowed all the way around and anywhere I want in the garden.

No bit sun!

Saturday 8 July 2023

Even Though I Really Want To

 It’s raining outside so I’m not allowed outside, even though I really want to.

I can’t see it!

Friday 7 July 2023

Finally I’m Allowed In The Grass

 Finally I’m allowed in the grass now the sun is disappearing.

Still, I’m not complaining I love it here!

Thursday 6 July 2023

Where Did All The Leaves Come From?

 Where did all the leaves come from?

It’s the wrong time of year for them to be brown and on the floor!

I’m confused!

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Sometimes We Like Our Faces To Touch

 I love it when we cuddle up together, while Puppynap is working.

And sometimes we like our face to touch too!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side 

Tuesday 4 July 2023

A Knee Cuddle

 I love a Puppynap knee cuddle. I can see so much from up here AND I get to be the first to know if he moves.

I can chase him to the treat table!

Sunday 2 July 2023

Saturday 1 July 2023

Out All Day

 Daddy and Puppynap have been out all day today in London.

Now they’re home I’m not letting them out of my site!