Sunday, 25 September 2016

Maybe Tomorrow

I've had lots of bed rest today. We all slept up the stairs last night, Daddy said it was the right time as I've been doing a few more normal things. 

I'm not sure what he means but it was nice to be back in my bed last night.

When Puppynap woke up he put me on the big bed and I had a sleep with Daddy. When it was time to get up we came down the stairs I had a little bathroom and then cuddled up with Puppynap on the sofa.

He woke me up for lunch but I wasn't too hungry but then he said it was time to go outside and get some fresh air...

...that's when David came up to and said he had something to show me and I needed to follow him.

We went up to the back of the garden, he'd been keeping my favourite place warm for me.

That was lovely of him but I'm just not up for sitting out there at the moment, maybe tomorrow.

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