Friday 31 October 2014

New Best Friends

It's BRILLIANT having David-Shiro here, he's my new best friend and he's a CAT!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

My Halloween Surprise - A Witches Cat

Daddy came home early today. 

Brilliant, is it time for my Halloween surprise, I've been a good girl waiting ALL DAY!

Yes it was, it was time for my Halloween surprise, we all got in the car and then we hit what Puppynap called the national disgrace, traffic jams for miles by the Dartford Tunnel.

I got bored and fell asleep.

And then we got to a house and we went in and I could hardly believe it, there was a little cat in there and Daddy and Puppynap said he was coming home to live with us.

I was so excited and we rubbed noses and made bestest friends and I couldn't wait until we got home to play with him. He must be a very special cat as he had his own special travelling carriage.

Come on hurry up Daddy and let the little cat out so we can play.

Puppynap took the lid off and the little cat looked at me.

I went to rub noses again but I think he got things a little bit wrong and went to kiss me. 

OK then, I'll kiss you.

Puppynap said he was called David-Shiro and we must let him explore and get used to the smells and things in the house.

Don't worry, I'll show him around and make him feel comfortable. Daddy said I was being very kind, of course, I'm always kind.

Wow I've got my own little cat now, he's different from Lil', ah I still miss Lil' but Puppynap said as David-Shiro came to live with us on Halloween night that he must be a witches cat.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

A Halloween Surprise

What a strange day it's been today. I've been keeping Puppynap company while he works but I'm not as tired today as I have been and keep on getting up to give him a kiss but he keeps saying, sleep little darling, you are going to need all your energy later.

When I look at him to tell me more information all he says is, it's a surprise, a Halloween Surprise!

I can't sleep now, thinking about that. Oh I wish later was now.

Thursday 30 October 2014

That's Not A Mouse!

I've been up with Puppynap all day long, he's been busy so I've been asleep but just now when he was on the phone he didn't realise that I was awake and I saw a funny thing on the desk and when I moved it things happened on the computer.

Puppynap then saw me and laughed and said are you having fun playing with the mouse?

Silly Puppynap, that's not a mouse, a mouse goes squeak, squeak.

Wednesday 29 October 2014


I'm so tired today. I did get up with Daddy and Puppynap on the bed in the night, just to be close to them but I don't think I could have slept much as this morning when I woke up I fell asleep really quickly. Puppynap carried me down the stairs and we had breakfast but when he wasn't looking I came back up the stairs and got in bed again, snuggling up with all my teddies. I think I'll just have a sleepy day today.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

No I Didn't

When we all got up Puppynap thanked me for waking him up so early at 4 o'clock this morning by scratching on the side of the bed to get a lift up on to it so that I could have a cuddle in.

He said didn't I know the clocks had gone back this weekend?

No. I didn't!

Sunday 26 October 2014

A Real Enchanted Forest

I was just having a little rest, after yesterdays play date with Izzy I was tired and then Daddy and Puppynap said come on River we're going to take you out, to a real enchanted forest.

Brilliant, come on let's go!

It wasn't very long in the car and then we was there. I was allowed to have my head out the window the whole way. They was telling me the truth, it really is an enchanted forest...

...come on Daddy, this way.

Wow there's tree's everywhere and leaves, this is almost too much to believe.

Tree's are funny you know, there's so many different kinds and some even smell of doggies!

But then we ended up getting caught in a great big pile of mud and I got stuck.

Phew I didn't think I was ever going to get out of that one, but I'm a big girl now so I used all my strength and managed to free myself, even though there is mud all over my feet now.

Daddy is's so beautiful here, it must be a place of great magic.

Then we saw a map and it told us all about this forest. It's a very, very old one, there's a pathway here that even goes back to prehistoric times.

And we went searching for it.

Right, which way do you think it is?

Right, it's this way.

We found the prehistoric path and a swing that Puppynap and Daddy had a go on, I didn't want to go on that...

...I wanted to go up this stairway made of tree roots.

But after a while I decided it was easier to go up the leave pathway next to it, it was such a big hill and...

...really tired me out so I was glad when we found this big log to sit on.

This is such a magical enchanted forest, I hope we can come here again, I had such a lot of fun.

Saturday 25 October 2014

Dream Of Our Day Together

I've had such a brilliant day with my friend Izzy, it's worn me out, still it's lovely to lay next to Daddy cuddling me new toy Fox present...

...and dream of our day together.

I Think I Jumped A Bit Too High

I was just having a little sit on Puppynap when I heard a beep, beep but I knew it wasn't Daddy as he was sitting down with us.

Hello, who's come to see me?

Oh my goodness IZZY! It's IZZY!

Hello Elf and Izzy's mummy.

This is brilliant, Izzy is here and The Elf is calling me...

...we've got presents IZZY. PRESENTS!

Oow what is it?

Do you know what it is Izzy?

It was a ball and a foxy toy and a pulling thing and some lovely sweety bones.

Umm they are lovely.

Come on they've left the packet out here.

If we're quiet Izzy we could get some more of those bone sweeties out of the packet.

We had three and then we went out to play piggyback.

I think I jumped a bit to high onto Izzy's back though as I went right over.

Oh Izzy it's so lovely to see you let me cuddle you.

Come on Izzy's mummy you can join in.

Don't worry Izzy it will be your turn soon.

After we'd finished playing piggyback we came in as I wanted to show Izzy things out of the window.

Oi Izzy can you see the cat, there's lots of them around here?

I've had the best day, can you stay here with me all of the time?