Tuesday 29 November 2016

4 Years Ago Today - RIVER'S HERE! RIVER'S HERE!

When I woke up I was in for a big surprise. 

4 years ago today I met Daddy and Puppynap for the first ever time. I remember as soon as they came in and saw me and my brothers and sisters they were all excited.

I waited until everyone else had sniffed and explored them and then just sat looking up at Daddy. Yes he was the one I was going to go and live with forever. I flashed him my eyes and tried to send him the instant love I felt for him into his head.

It worked, he was covered in my love. and then we came home. Pinky came with me.

I made the bestest ever deicsion.


*Legs side kick...and click the heals*

Then I spotted David waiting to celebrate with me so I jumped on his back. I was a bit confused as he then ran off but no worries I'll see him later I expect. 

I came in looking for him but didn't see him but I did see Puppynaps legs and he said if I could wait until he finished his work we could go out for an adventure.

I had a little sleep, these things can take a while.

I woke up and it was time for me to get my coat on. I knew what that meant...

...it was time for us to go out on a special day adventure.

In no time we was at my favourite park. Where there's lots of leaves and an enchanted forest and a bit lion.

AND squirrels everywhere...

...can you see him?

I chased after him but didn't catch up with him.

Although I searched for ages and ages.

But I did find lots of leaves to play in.

And I was allowed to go wherever I wanted. It's a big forest so this took a time.

And then...hang on...

...a great big log for me to jump right over. 4 years is a big celebration and I'm stronger than I've ever been and can jump as high as a house.

On the other side was a little bridge...

...and when we went over it everything went really dark.

So we quickly got out of there and into the big open spaces where we went searching for mole...

...and took a look at Stonehendge.

But I could see a lighter bit of the forest so decided...

...to go back in.

Because there was something very important I needed to do.

I needed to say hello to the great big lion that lives there.

Then I saw the car and knew it was time to go.

When we went to the shop I thought Puppynap was getting me a special dinner.

No such luck, they're not breaking my special diet for anything. Bit of luck I managed to pinch a bit of David's breakfast earlier.

I then had a little rest watching out for my Daddy to come home...

...and I got very excited when he did.


Because a celebration wouldn't be a celebration without my Daddy being right here next to me.

AND he's got a lovely bowl of dinner that I can smell even if I can't have any of it. The big eye's don't always work.

But what does work is our family. It works just perfectly and forever!

Monday 28 November 2016

Have You Seen Any Little Cricket?

We're going out...

...to try to get some natural decorations for Christmas.

Well I hope this time is more successful than the last.

BRILLIANT the lakes, that should give us some.

Come on this way.

Leaves! Are these leaves any good?

Oh it's so beautiful here today, cold but the sun is shining.

And everything looks just perfect.

There might be some this way come on.

Have you seen any little cricket?

Spooky waters but nothing for the decorations here.

Does this sign say where there are some?

I think it says this way, across the little bridge.

No angry swans here today, they must be out looking for thing, like us.

Quickly run towards the natural decorations they've got to be around here somewhere.

Nothing. Really you've got nothing AGAIN?

Sunday 27 November 2016

Sometimes I Just Love Sunday Nights

Ahhh sometimes I just love Sunday nights.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

I Heard Them Talking...

I heard them talking earlier on this morning and I didn't like what I was hearing.

Daddy said to Puppynap maybe they should stop giving me my dentastix teeth chews for a couple of days, all because they saw me scratching my leg a little bit more than normal.

It's not fair it's the only bit of extra flavour I'm getting at the moment since they put me on my special diet. They're eating dinner now and I can smell all the lovely smells coming off their plate and I'm trying to guilt them into giving me some. I think David is trying to do the same he's looking at the plate with such an intensity that I've never seen before.

Look at me, look at my eyes, they are big and sad and longing for the food on your plate.

It's not working!


Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Saturday 26 November 2016

I Did It

I did it I managed to get up here very quietly and I didn't even wake David.

Brilliant, now I can look out of the window at all the things happening out there before it get's too late.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Very, Very Quietly

Daddy is doing some work in the office, Puppynap said he's got an important exam this week and we need to be quiet and let him get on with thing.

We was all cuddled up in the window but then David pinched my seat when I wasn't looking. I did think about letting him know that we could share but I really didn't want to make any noise, I'm doing my best to be quiet for Daddy.

Never mind we,re all settled on the sofa and it is very comfy laying on Puppynap's tummy. I;ll just have a little sleep and think about how I can get back up on the chair very, very quietly. 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday 25 November 2016

Natural Decorations

I was all asleep and then Puppynap told me to get my coat on, as it was just a month to Christmas we was going to go out and collect some natural decorations.

Oh I do have to wait for ages for him to get ready. No amount of hurrying him up ever seems to work.

But we finally did get out. Today we was going to go down the road to search for natural decorations.

Leaves Puppynap, leaves are natural decorations. I love leaves...

...but these were not the natural decorations he was after. He said they were things that fall off trees, so I looked under some fir trees but none here.

I got very excited when I saw all the road being dug up, there was three men doing it, I wonder if they are looking for buried treasure.

Then we went into a big field and while Puppynap looked for the natural decorations I looked down the rabbit holes for rabbits. I didn't find any.

But I did find a waterfall...

...now that is a natural decoration but I don't think we could get it home.

I found some sticks but that wasn't what we were looking for apparently.

Oh look the motorway.

Nothing much here to take home though.

I have no idea what we are looking for, grass isn't right Puppynap said.

Oh I wish he'd just tell me what we are looking for I'm enjoying being out but I'm very confused as to what he is looking for. I think I'll leave him to it.