Saturday 31 January 2015

Any Second Now

I'm so tired today. First of all Daddy and Puppynap and the girl kept me awake singing and laughing all night and then David got me up very early this morning. I have been asleep with Puppynap all afternoon but I don't think I've caught up with myself yet. 

This is comfy with Daddy, I'm just waiting for him to pull the duvet all the way up so I can get properly comfortable for the night. 



Any second now.


Hang on I turn my head for a second to see what David was doing and the covers all the way up to his neck. 

Hang on, you forgot something Daddy. ME!

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Friday 30 January 2015

Who's That?

David was asleep next to me all twitching and taking up all the room. I was a good girl and just sitting quietly next to him to make sure he was OK and then all of a sudden,

Ding, ding went the door. Who's that?

BRILLIANT it's my Daddies cousin, the girl come to see me, this is going to be so much fun.

Hang on David, come back, where you going?

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Thursday 29 January 2015

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Alone Time

"River. RIVER!  River. You OK River?"

It's OK, there's nothing wrong. I just needed some alone time.

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Not In My Actual Mouth

It's OK I'm allowed it. I know Puppynap didn't exactly give it to me, not in my actual mouth but he did leave it on the floor so it must have been left there for me!

Ahh I love toilet rolls!

Monday 26 January 2015

I Was So Excited But Now I'm Not!


I was so excited but now I'm not! Daddy came home in the front door, he never does that, he always comes in the back and Puppynap lets me out into the garden and I run around and bark and wait for him to come out of the garage and then I jump up his legs and he gives me a great big stroke but today he came in the front door.

Then he went straight out of it again and said he would see me soon. Apart from when I had my dinner, chicken and gravy, I've been waiting right here, waiting for my Daddy to come home and then we can play. Oh I just don't know what's going on tonight, I'm so confused!

Little Bird, Little Bird, Little Birdie In The Tree

Little bird, little bird, little birdie in the tree.


Woof, woof, woof, WOOF, WOOF!


I'm having a chat!

What's that you say?

Did I hear a treat?

Yes I did, yes I did, if I run really, really fast I think I'll get two!

*Pant, pant*

Sunday 25 January 2015

I Know What That Means!

Hey David, you're waving at me, I know what that means!

Come on, it's rough and tumble time!

Oh! Why you flopping on your back?

I know why, you want me to jump all over your tummy. Get ready, here I come!



*Innocent face* 

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An Amazing Thing Just Happened!

An amazing thing just happened!

I was just outside in the checking the flowers when I heard a noise coming from the backdoor,

Puppynap must have left it open and David was creeping out, to come and play with me.

Oh! Puppynap never leaves the backdoor open these days, in case David escapes out here. 

Come on come with me quickly before he notices!

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Friday 23 January 2015

I Wonder If There's A Gap I Can Squeeze Through?

It's lovely and sunny today and Puppynap said I should be out in it as much as I can because he doesn't know when it's going to be this nice again. I've been out three times already today running around the garden and this time I was just running up the back to have a chat with my friends over the wall when I heard a sound and looked to see what it was. 

It was a CAT! 

I didn't know who this cat was I don't think I've seen him before and was very excited and barked at him but he didn't take any notice. I then went to see if I could see my friends over the wall and told them all about it.

I wonder if there's a gap I can squeeze through? 

No there wasn't!

And then I heard a noise coming from the back door...

...and I saw David sitting there looking at me.


Why didn't you come out to play with me it would have been OK if Puppynap left the door open, he's very careful about that sort of thing?

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Wednesday 21 January 2015

I Have No Idea What He's Talking About!

I've had such a lovely sleep this afternoon cuddled up with Puppynap and when I woke up I saw David sitting near me just looking at me. I said come on let's play but he said we needed to be careful. I then said why did we need to be careful and he said about earlier but I didn't know what he meant.

He said to me don't you remember when we was playing.


When we was playing and you were eating your bone?


Then he said you know when you banged your head or I caught your head and there was a little bit of blood?

No I have no idea what he's talking about I just want to play.

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Tuesday 20 January 2015


I couldn't believe my eyes when i woke up and went outside there was white frost everywhere. I love running around in the frost and went straight up the back of the garden to tell all my friends about it, VERY loudly!

Then Puppynap opened the door and called me to come in but he doesn't understand.

You don't understand Puppynap, come look there's frost everywhere and it's lovely and crunchy under my feet.

Come on. It's BRILLIANT!

Monday 19 January 2015

I Heard A Noise Coming From The Elephant

I was just settling down for my evening nap when I heard a noise coming from the elephant.

Hello David where did you come from?

*Lick, lick, lick*

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Why Did You Move?

It's lovely and snuggly here with David and Puppynap, just perfect!

Oh! Why did you move?

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Sunday 18 January 2015

I'm Not Sulking!

Puppynap keeps on saying are you OK River, are you still sulking? 

I'm not sulking, I'm just working out how I can get my cushions back!

The Big Brown Fluffy Cushions

It's not fair! I was only playing with the big brown fluffy cushions and then all of a sudden Puppynap came over and tried to pull them away from me.

I thought he was playing with me so I played back, I love play tug but then he got them off me and put his finger straight in my mouth and ran it all around my gums, teeth and under my tongue. He did give me a kiss and stroke but said that I wasn't allowed to have the cushions anymore and he took them up the stairs.


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Saturday 17 January 2015

I Don't Know What's Going On

I don't know what's going on. I was just about to have a little lay down on the beanbag...

...when David came from under the sofa, I thought he was coming to play with me...

...but he just walked around...

...and around...

...and around and then he just sat in front of me and didn't say anything. I'm confused!

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Friday 16 January 2015

He's Gone Nuts!

I was all asleep when Daddy and Puppynap woke me up with their laughing at something on the TV...

...and then all of a sudden David started running around the house, across the floor, up on the sofa...

...and then he jumped right over my head, knocked into me and tried to get me to chase him all over the house.

I don;t know what's going on, he's gone nuts! I blame that mouse of his.

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