Tuesday 31 October 2017

A Very Special Day For David

It's a very special day today for David and us...

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Saturday 28 October 2017

We're Going For A Walk For Autumn

It's Saturday...

...and we're going for a walk to see Autumn.

You see Autumn best when you're in the trees.

Although sticks and things get in your fur.

But the lake looks very pretty.

Hello swans in the bad mood.

Ooh look a rabbit!

And here's Daddy and the little boy to see me.

Phew Autumn brings a lot.

Thursday 26 October 2017

Too-ing And Fro-ing

What a day it's been.

First Daddy went out then Puppynapwent out , and they left me alone. 

I looked for David to play with but he was out.

Then after a little it Puppynap came in, then David came in, then David went out, then Daddy came in, then Pupynap went out, then Nanny came in with Granddad, then Daddy went out, then Granddad went out, then Puppynap came back in.

I'm just waiting for Daddy and David to come in, all this too-ing and fro-ing has fair worn me out!

Tuesday 24 October 2017

I'm Not Moving

I'm not moving, as much as Nanny looks at me I am just way too comfy!

Sunday 22 October 2017

Friday 20 October 2017

Next Time

Daddy and puppynap and my friend are going away on holiday for a few days I heard them talking

I wanted to go with them so I sat on puppynap to try and stop him then I got a big surprise they said next time they go to Amsterdam I'm going with them, it's all planned

Wednesday 18 October 2017


Well I really don't know where David is I've looked everywhere...


Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Where's That Credit Card?

Right now Daddy isn't looking where's that credit card!

Doggie treats by the truckload.

Monday 16 October 2017

Oh Don't Bother Then!

Nanny! NANNY!

Hurry play with me Nanny!

I'm getting impatient!

Oh don't bother then I'm going to bed!

Sunday 15 October 2017

Friday 13 October 2017

But He Had

I've had such a brilliant day. Nanny came to play and then the girl and boy turned up and said there was a surprise.

Come on they said we've brought a house!

It didn't take long to get there I wanted to see Phoebe and Flo but they hadn't moved in yet.

I thought they might be playing with me hide and seek up the stairs.

But it was true they hadn't moved in yet...

...but he had!

Wednesday 11 October 2017

A Low Profile

I'm keeping a bit of a low profile this afternoon. Nanny had to chase me around the garden to get me to come in. Oops!

Monday 9 October 2017

A Secret At The Moment

There's some good news come into this house today but shhhh it's a secret at the moment!

Sunday 8 October 2017

My Weekend

It's been a busy weekend. Nanny went home last night and then first thing in the Saturday morning my friend the girl turned up with a card for me.

Puppynap are biscuits.

I like biscuits I think I've only had crumbs.

Is there a little bit you would like me to try now?

Then we had a sleep then we went for a walk.

Knock, knock!

It's Phoebe and Flo.

What's that you say your going to be moving house soon? Exciting!

All that news exhausted me to today I woke up gently, watching the day go by?

Any news on that biscuit idea?

Davis. Ok David you give it a try they might for you!

Would you like a lick of the feet? Would you?


No I guess I'll just have to watch the beautiful sunset instead.

Saturday 7 October 2017

On The Other Hand

I've been looking after nanny again today...

...she doesn't take much work, just put on some shows and we sit and call out answers. Easy peasy really.

Granddad on the other hand, he needs a lot more work.

Thursday 5 October 2017

She Needs My Protection

Daddy and Puppynap and Nanny are here today and it's not even a weekend.

I was very surprised because I didn't know what was happening.

It was a strange night, Daddy had a cold so Puppynap said he would sleep down the stairs last night so we camped out together all cuddled up, it was so comfy.

When we got up I got a toothstick and was eating that then all of a sudden the phone rang and Daddy and Puppynap ran out the door leaving me all on my own.

I was so confused but such a big girl looking after myself all on my own. I didn't know where David was.

After a few hours they came back and Nanny was with them. I was very pleased and then I heard that Nanny had a crash on a bridge on the motorway, a lorry had gone into her. She was very lucky she was OK, well she is now I'm giving her a cuddle.

She really does need my protection and that's what she shall get and maybe we can have a sleep together later. I'm going to hold her tight!

Wednesday 4 October 2017

I Like The Look

Nanny! NANNY!

I...I like the look of what you've got on your plate there nanny. NANNY!



Monday 2 October 2017

5 Today - Eyes Full Of Love

We all woke up so early today. i was very sleepy and wanted to stay in bed but Daddy and Puppynap said I had to get up. It was still dark and I wondered what it was all about. 

Oh my goodness it's my birthday!

We all had big cuddles and kisses then it was time for some presents.

I got a toy burger...

...and some very tasty new treats all made of salmon, they were delicious.

And I got a new shoe to eat too.

And then a very special guest came to see me, I heard the car come up the driveway.

Quick come answer the door.

It's Nanny!

Then everyone went to work apart from me and Nanny.

I had a birthday sunbathe in the window.

I must have been asleep for a very long time because then Puppynap was home and we played with my new toys and I pulled on his sleeve.

And then we played with my new ball from Nanny.

Then had a birthday scratch.

Before I went outside to play with David, he'd been out all of the day.

Then it was time for dinner, chicken and chips.

Then Daddy came home and I got some more presents.

I love it and I think it loves me, his eyes are full of love.

By that time it was getting late so we all decided to go out for a long walk in the dark. 

What a brilliant birthday it's been. I wonder when it's going to be my birthday again?