Monday 31 March 2014

Nadia's Dinner

I've just followed Puppynap out in the kitchen and I saw some of Nadia's dinner on the floor. She must have left it out for me to try a bit.

I don't think I like it, it's all wet and not very tasty, I'm so glad I'm not a tortoise if this is what they get to eat sometimes. Bet she wishes it was pepper, I know I do!

Underneath The Bridge

Puppynap said come on River, I'm going to take you to see a bridge.

Wow A BRIDGE! Come on then and be quicker than you normally are please!

We went in the car but not for a very long time and then I could see lots of fields that Puppynap said we had to go across.

Come on then, it's this way I know I can smell some other doggies have been here.

I got half way across and then I found a little bit of food on the floor. That was lucky as it's a long way across this field and I needed a snack to keep me going.

Then we got to a fence made all of orange string. Puppynap said that we had to go around it as it was put there when all the rain happened. This field used to be under water. Wow!

We had to cross a road to go underneath the bridge and I was a good girl and waited until there was no cars coming and then ran really, really fast.

Just as we started to go across a train went by. Daddy gets a train to go to work, he's so lucky I hope I get to go on a train soon.

When we go to the other side of the road there was another field and Puppynap said we was nearly there.

Come on quickly, I can see it, I can see the underneath of the bridge.

After we had a look at it we went up the side of the river. There's Rivers absolutely everywhere I go.

We couldn't go all the way underneath the bridge as it was still wet and Puppynap said I only had a bath yesterday so I wasn't allowed to get too muddy. 

OK then where we gonna go now then?

Into the land of lots of grasses!

*Sniff, sniff*

Ah it's a brilliant view of the bridge from here and we sat and watched the cars going over it for ages and so I could have a proper investigate of this place.

There was a man on a tractor.

And a little house for birdies to come and get their dinner. Puppynap said next time we come here he'll bring some of the monkey nuts he gets for the squirrels so that I can feed them too.

There was also some other people with dogs having a run around. I wanted to go and play with them but Puppynap said I wasn't allowed to.


Please can I, PLEEAASEE?

It was then time to go home but I didn't want to go yet. It's not fair I've had such a great time I just want to stay here. In fact I think I will!

Sunday 30 March 2014

Haircut Time!


I wonder what fun today is going to bring?

Oh that's a bit itchy.

Humph, I'm a bit bored.

What's that Daddy, you want me to come indoors? OK coming!

Oh no I know what this is all about, haircut time!

Wow did I fill that great big bowl up? There's enough hair for another River!

Phew I'm glad that's over. I feel a lot lighter now but I bet I can guess what's gonna happen next!

Oh no bath time.

Quickly, do that bit quickly Daddy!


Oh when will this be over, I've had enough now!

Nearly there, I know this bit comes at the end and...

...I get a treat for being such a good girl.

Finally over, but no more itching for me.

Saturday 29 March 2014


I was just playing with Felix and Izzy and The Elf on the floor when Puppynap said to me come on River do you want to come and help me see if Nadia's woken up yet?

Yes I do!

It's lovely and hot in the garden and Puppynap says it's the perfect weather for Nadia to come out and do you know what when we was in the garden Puppynap suddenly said come on River, come and have a look at this.

What is it?


Puppynap and me brought her in and he gave Nadia to The Elf and said would you hold her while I go get her bath.

Wow Nadia's going to have a bath.

Hello Nadia, I've missed you lots and lots. Do you want to play?

Wow that's a big bath but not big enough for me to get in but I'll try.

I'll just have a little drink while I'm waiting for you to get all clean.

You not done yet?

I got my ears wet but it didn't matter because Nadia's back, even though everyone laughed at me. 

Puppynap then got Nadia something to eat.

We shared lunch, that's what sisters do! Peppers, ummm!

Oh this is the best, Nadia's back to play with me. I just wish Lil' was here too!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Make Some Room For Me

Oh who's that that's come to see me?


Oh my goodness, hurry up I can't wait.


Yeaahhh that's right make some room for me. 

 Hear I come.

Brilliant, I love you Elfy, I'm gonna lick you all over.

Right come on Elfy we're gonna play now!

Um that make-up tastes nice.

Yeah play with Izzy with me. 

Bring it closer then.

Did you know The Elf is here today Daddy?

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side