Tuesday 20 September 2016

It's True! - Anything I Wanted For As Long As I Wanted

It's true, he said it would be happening. Puppynap said today if would be cool enough AND we didn't have other things we needed to do so we could go out on one of my favourite walks.


And today was a special special day, today I could spend as much time as I wanted sniffing and wandering and doing anything I wanted, for as long as I wanted.

Of course that included jumping back and forth all the way down the road.

Back and forth, forth and back.


Under the tunnel, I know where we're going!

Yes it's true we're going to see if we can see some rabbits.

Quickly they live up here.

No rabbits around today, they must be on holiday or something.

But not to be too sad because a brilliant bit is coming.

Watching cars on the motorway. 

It's very busy today, it's true!