Monday, 26 September 2016

Absolutely Perfect

I've had a great day today.

 First of all Puppynap hand fed me as much beef as I could eat. Then he let me sit up with him in the window to see things, I saw a little doggies walk by and barked at him and Puppynap got very excited saying he was glad I got my voice back and then he said we were going to go out.

I was very excited, I was going out into the world.

We got in the car and then in just a few minutes we were there. It was the Doctor's, he said we were meeting Daddy there, it was nothing to worry about just a check up.

I was allowed to do as much exploring as I wanted until he got there. There was doggies smells everywhere.

Then Daddy arrived and we went inside to wait for our appointment.

There was lots of other doggies in there and we all had a chat and then we went in to see the nurse. She checked my heart, perfect, she checked my temperature, perfect, she checked my operations scars, perfect.

All in all she said I was doing absolutely perfect.

PERFECT! A perfect recovery.

Now come on lets get home, I hear there's some more hand fed beef on the menu for tea.