Tuesday 30 September 2014

Doing The Birdie Dance

I was just having a little sleep next to Puppynap when I heard a big lot of noise coming from outside. It made me jump wide awake and when I looked up...

...I saw all the Gooses from the lake flying over, doing the birdie dance.

Wow they are amazing!

Monday 29 September 2014

Animal Magic Legs

That walk yesterday really wore me out I've hardly been able to keep my eyes open all day. Still there's nothing going on tonight so guess it's an early one for me all comfy on animal magic legs.

Sunday 28 September 2014

I Just Had To Cool My Bum!

Daddy and Puppynap were up very early this morning and put there shoes on. I was scared they weren't going to take me with them...

...but it was OK they said as I was such a good girl they were taking me on a special long walk today.

Brilliant, let's get going then.

It didn't take very long to get there and I was allowed to have my head out of the window all of the way there.

When we got there, there was lots of leaves and other doggies to play with and, and. hang on a minute what's that over there?

Wow a great big lake and even more trees and leaves.

Come on hurry up we need to get down these steps as quickly as we can because I can see something amazing!

Come on this way, we've just got to get over the bridge to see it.

It's a tree and I can smell lots of other doggies have been here before. Let's just stop a minute while I get the news.

The news said we needed to go this way, over these speed bumps. They're a bit rubbish they didn't slow me down at all.

Right, now where's the news telling me we have to go next?

Up this very long road.

Phew that was a very long road and by the time I got to the end I needed to have a little rest before...

...I went exploring in the bushes around this little waterfall.

We then went into a great big place with lots and lots of doggies but for some reason they all kept in smelling my bottom and I didn't want them to.

So I sat down in protest and to see what I could see.

Lots of leaves to play with!

Then Daddy said come on River there's a bridge up there, I bet there's something exciting to see.

There was! Some birdies having a swim.

That reminds me, I'm really hot and puffed out and could do with a drink now, so come on let's go find some water.

Water, water, everywhere but I couldn't get to drink any and I was very thirsty by now.

But just around the corner there was a little waterfall and stream and lots of us doggies went paddling in it. It was so lovely on my feet really cold and refreshing and tempting...

...that I just had to cool my bum in it!

Saturday 27 September 2014

Early Birthday Celebrations

Oh my goodness there's someone out there come to see me for my early birthday celebrations.

Quick Daddy, who is it?

The Elf, it's my nanny, THE ELF!

She's really excited to, so excited she can't help but clap hands.

Lovely to see you Elf, do you know it's my birthday next week?

I love you Elfy gissa cuddle.

Autumn Fashion

There was a knock on the door and a lady gave Daddy a big package and when he came in he said it was for me, an early birthday present.

Brilliant my birthday must be very soon, I'm going to be a very big girl. 2 years old!

Come on then Daddy hurry up and show me what it is.

Ooh a new red Autumn jumper. Let me just have a look at how it looks on in this mirror.

I.........LOVE IT!

Come on then where we going to show off my Autumn fashion.

Friday 26 September 2014

Wednesday 24 September 2014

What's In Your Pocket?

Brilliant Daddy's home and hang on a minute...

...I can smell something. What's in your pocket? Is it something for me? Don't worry I'll get it.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

A Little Baby!

Finally Puppynap finished work and we came down the stairs to play with Daddy and just at that time the door went ring, ring and Daddies friend was there and with her there was a little baby!

Wow I've never been this close to a little baby.

Hello, we're best friends now, let me give you a little kiss. What would you like to play?

We played lots of games and the little baby stroked my hair and then it was time for dinner. I had the chicken but I'm not sure what the little baby had, although I tried my best to have a bit.

After dinner it was time for everyone to have a little sleep. Do you know to make babies go to sleep you just have to tickle their feet. Wow!

But There's A Problem

Brilliant Daddy is home today but there's a problem.

 Puppynap is working up the stairs and not coming down to play with us so I decided to go up and make sure he finished work. I tried barking but that didn't work and then I decided to sit on his lap but that didn't work either but I recon taking up all his desk space will work a treat.

Monday 22 September 2014

Autumn - I'm Up For That!

I had such a good weekend playing with Daddy and Puppynap and even though Daddy went out today I wasn't ready for the fun to be over and I made sure I let Puppynap know today was going to be a play day and every time he went to do some work in the office I jumped up and barked at him to come play.

He gave me a toilet roll to play with...

...but that wasn't good enough to keep me amused for long.

Come on Puppynap, you might as well give in to it and come and play with me!

Brilliant it worked, he said he was going to take me out and tire me out.

I'm up for that.

Right which way are we going today?

Ah we went down the road and when we got right to the bottom we saw a man having a little sleep under his van. Strange place to have a sleep but it was in the shade so he must get hot in the sun like I do.

And then we saw a little black cat and Puppynap said it was lucky to see a black cat if it crossed your path...

...but I didn't agree because even though he did cross our path it was to run away and that can only be unlucky.

Oh well never mind I'll have a little chat to my friend that lives on the corner.

Hello! HELLO!

We've had a new fence put up to. Why did your mummy make it so high I can see you through it now.

And then we got to the big road and I was a good girl and sat and waited until all the cars went by. I'm brilliant at crossing the big road now, Puppynap said so and I laughed at him.

I was glad when we got to the little stream as there was leaves all over the place. Puppynap said that's what happens when it's Autumn time and he said today was the first full day of Autumn. Brilliant I'm going to have lots and lots of leaves to play with now.

I then guessed where we was going.

Come on I know the way, it's just up here and around the corner.

To see Nanny and Grandad and go Squirrel chasing!