Thursday, 22 September 2016

I'd Totally Forgotten About That

I had a lovely sleep last night. I;ve been allowed all this week to sleep on Daddies pillow and cuddle up with them both. I can do that from time to time but this week it's been every
night, they've even moved out of the way to let me have it all.

I love a pillow.

I did jump down for a little bit as Puppynap was wriggling but then when they woke up he picked me back up and tucked me in and I went back to a lovely dream.

When I came down the stairs everyone was already up and David was eating his breakfast. Daddy said I couldn't have any today as I was going in for my operations. I'd totally forgotten about that.

Daddy and Puppynap then said it was time to go outside for a bit so I could do morning things.

I had a little wander around but preferred to wake up properly on Puppynaps lap while he talked to Daddy. The garden is so pretty this time of the morning, Puppynap said today was now Autumn, it feels like it to, everything is a little damp so it's best I keep my feet dry.

David came over to see me and started doing some funny things with the string off the seat cover. He made me laugh but it was too warm and comfy where I was to join in today.

Then it was time to go. I wanted the window down but they said it was a bit too cold today so I looked out of it instead. There's lots of people around this time of the day, I don't usually get to go out on a walk until later in in the afternoon of evening, not unless it's a weekend.

When we got there we were the first people so I got to explore all everywhere as much as I wanted and the nice lady at the reception gave me loads of strokes, she knew my name right away.

Then it was time to go into one of the little rooms come on then give me a cuddle Daddy and Puppynap I'll see you soon.

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