Friday, 23 September 2016

Today Is Turning Out So Much Better Than Yesterday

Daddy has just come back in from the shop. I was very excited but couldn't quiet get the energy together to jump down and see what he had brought for me, because he said he had brought me something lovely.

I made a few steps after Puppynap put me down on the floor but was a little bit unsure of myself, I've not really walked for a whole day.

Then he came out of the kitchen with something in his hand and said if I made it over to him it was all for me.

When I smelt it I made sure I made it over to him.

It was slim sliced beef and lots of it all for me to eat.

Um lovely!

And then Puppynap picked me up and put me outside.

I got very excited and I think the beef helped my energy as I ran all the way up to the back of the garden. The sun was shining and I wanted to go to the bathroom.

They called after me not to run yet though and ran up after me and then we all sunbathed for ten minutes. It's important to get fresh air and the sun on your face, especially if you are recovering from things.

Today is turning out to be so much better than yesterday.