Sunday, 11 September 2016

He Loved And Missed Me

We had to change our plans for today, it was too hot Puppynap said for me to go out. I would get too hot and puffed out and we couldn't have that Puppynap said.

So we stayed in and had a bit of sunbathe in the garden. It was so hot and I was being such a good girl that Puppynap took my cone off so I could enjoy running around without it getting in the way.

That is until I bite my leg then it went back on.

It didn't matter though I don't mind it at all and by that time I was all sleepy and so was Puppynap so we both fell asleep in the garden for hours. I made sure I was in the shade.

Then David came out to play. I was so happy I gave him a great big hug and barked loud with happiness. I was so happy I wanted Puppynap to join in too.

And then the best bit happened.

First of all I got a special dinner of chicken and mashed potato and then I got to hear Daddy's voice talk to me. I didn't know where he was although Puppynap kept on pointing at the computer but I didn't know what he was talking about I was too busy listening to Daddy telling me he loved and missed me.

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