Thursday 31 July 2014

For The First Time This Week

I'm having lunch and sunbathing in the garden with Puppynap as a special treat because last night for the first time this week I slept up the stairs with Daddy and Puppynap without waking them up. 

I didn't know they didn't like it, I thought they wanted to play!

Silly Daddies they should have just told me.

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Where's It Coming From?

*Sniff, sniff*

Umm I smell BBQ chicken. Now where's it coming from?

No not indoors. Not in there.

Ahh, it's over there. 

Hello, I'm River and I live over here. Would you like to share your chicken dinner with me?

Monday 28 July 2014

Up ALL Night

I'm so tired today, I don't know why, although Puppynap said he thinks it's because I was up playing ALL night. Well I kept on hearing things down the stairs and I wanted to go an investigate.

Luckily Puppynap came down to keep me company so Daddy could sleep up the stairs and BRILLIANT he left his pillow down here this morning. 

Perfect for my little head. It's sooooo soft! 

Sunday 27 July 2014

Where Are You Hiding?

I was just having a little sit on Puppynap looking out at people walking up and down the road when I heard a beep, beep.

ELF, ELF! It's the Elf and Izzy!

IZZY!, IZZY! I'm coming Izzy.

It's lovely to see you Elf...

...but where's Izzy?

Stop playing about with me, where are you hiding Izzy?

Oh I though you were playing a game with me and hiding Izzy in your bag.

Phew, I got so hot and excited that I can't stop panting. I think I best have a little rest by my fan to cool down. 

Fed up!

Saturday 26 July 2014

Lovely On My Bottom

Hello Daddy, look at me I'm sunbathing.

It's brilliant out here, I love sunbathing but I've got to be careful not to get too hot.

Phew that's better, having a little fan windy thing cool me down. Ahh it's lovely on my bottom.

Don't worry I'll make sure I go in when I'm hot again but sunbathing is one of my favourite things.

Friday 25 July 2014


Woof! WOOF!

Other doggies what are you having for tea, I've just had chicken.

Woof! WOOF!

Would you like to come over to play?

River, RIVER!

Oh no Puppynap wanted me to come in and I don't want to.

I wonder if he can see me hidden here!

No I don't think he can.

Thursday 24 July 2014

And Vogue!

I was just playing outside with Nadia when Daddy called for me to come in.


Hello. What did you want Daddy?

Oh no I'm on the table, that only can mean one thing...'s River Spa Time!

OK but you better be quick, I've got lots of playing still to do.

Are we done yet? I've had enough now!

Hooray we're done. What you doing up there Puppynap?

You want me to come up? OK coming!

OK I've made it. What we up to?

Bath time!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Too hot!

I'm singing in the bath, just singing in the bath.


Tumble around time.

Phew, nearly done, just gotta dry me off.

All done. How do I look Daddy? 

Yes I am a pretty girl and so much cooler too!

Brilliant, chicken and chips for tea for being so good in the Spa.

And Vogue!

It's So Hot, Trying To Keep Cool

It's so hot today. I love sitting in the sun but when it get's too hot, so do I and I have to pant a lot to keep cool which is a lot of effort and it worries Daddy and Puppynap so I decided to spend all day trying to keep cool. 

I tried to lay down very flat on the floor but I was still hot.

Puppynap gave me some ice which was lovely but it didn't make me cool for long. 

I then jumped up on to the sofa which when the covers are off can be very cool.

But today I just couldn't get comfy no matter what way I sat or lay down.

So I went outside in the garden and sunbathed in the shade on the grass. But then the sun moved and my head got very hot.

So I came inside and looked out the backdoor which worked until the sun moved again and I had to come inside.

Now I'm cool, there's air all around me AND Puppynap has put the fan on me.


Wednesday 23 July 2014

Quiet As A River

It's so hot that it's keeping me awake and then when it's time to get up I'm all sleepy. 

Today when Daddy went out I ran up the stairs and got myself back into bed and Puppynap was all surprised when he saw me and he said he didn't hear a thing, I must have been quiet as a mouse, he said. No I was quiet as a River.

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Good Girl!

Oh no I thought you was up the stairs but you're not, you're there.

Help me, come get me I'm stuck, I can only go up.

*March, march, march, march*


Good girl! Good girl! That's a good girl River. Come on, good girl!

It's a long way down, no I can't do it.

*March, march, march. march*


Yes I can, YES I CAN. I'm doing it, I'M DOING IT!

Yes A Little Accident

I just had to have a big face wash. 

I had a little accident. Yes a little accident. 

I must have fallen over or something as when I got up I had Nadia poo spread all across my face.

A Brilliant Present

Puppynap got his keys and when he gets his keys it means he's going out. I was so excited;

Where we going?

Then Puppynap said he was only going to be gone for a few minutes but that it was too hot for me to come but that he would bring me back a brilliant present.

Please let me come, I won't get too hot!

He didn't let me come but he did bring me back a brilliant present. A new bone! 

Monday 21 July 2014

What's That You Say?

What's that you say?

Chicken and pepper rice for tea.

Yep I'm up for that!