Thursday 30 June 2022

Ooh What’s That…


Ooh what’s that, it feels lovely and warm.

Back to *snore*

Cats and Dogs -  Another Side

Tuesday 28 June 2022

I’m Holding On Tight

 Oh it’s high up here.

But it’s ok, I’m holding on tight!

Saturday 25 June 2022

Friday 24 June 2022

Today Was Puppynap Birthday

 I didn’t realise and then I remembered…

…today was Puppynaps birthday.

Daddy took my fir a walk while Puppynap had a long bath and then we went out into the garden to play.

It was very warm so I had to be careful.

And sit in the shade every now and then to get cooler.

But I still was allowed to explore.

Then it was time for a little rest indoors.

Daddy and Puppynap went out for a little while when I had a rest.

They went to see a castle!

They showed me when they came back but I was too excited to really pay much attention.

They were finally home and it was time to play!

Thursday 23 June 2022

Doing Digging And Fixing Things

 It’s a lovely evening.

I had to stay in for most of the day as people were here doing digging and fixing things so I had to stay indoors.

I’m allowed out now and I’m making the most of it!

Wednesday 22 June 2022

I Don’t Know What’s What

 Puppynap is hand feeding me while I sit on the sofa tonight.

It’s been a tiring day and my schedules all been thrown out.

Puppynap was moving furniture and doing water on the carpet cleaning and now I don’t know what’s what.

Still being hand fed, that’s nice!

Tuesday 21 June 2022

I Can See Him Now, Eyeing Them Up

 I’ve had to stay in for a lot of today.

It’s been very hot and I keep on walking on all the plants at the back to get to see what’s going on in the corner with the cats and foxes.

And it’s making my hay fever happen, Puppynap keeps on having to clean my eyes. I can see him now eyeing them up again. I’m not moving even a tiny little bit!

Monday 20 June 2022

Yes, That Right. Just There!

 I’ve been helping Puppynap out in the garden.

We’ve been building some steps.

Yes, the right. Just there!

Saturday 18 June 2022

I’m Keeping An Eye Open

 I’m having a lovely cuddle with Puppynap tonight.

It’s been a bit cooler today but I think I can smell thunder and lights in the sky so I’m still keeping an eye open!

Friday 17 June 2022

An Even Hotter One

 Wow today is an even hotter one that it was the other day.

I really want to go out in it but I keep on panting

But it’s ok they keep on spraying me with cold water to keep me cool!

Tuesday 14 June 2022

The Hottest Day Of The Year

 It’s so hot today, Puppynap says the hottest day of the year so far.

I’m not allowed out when it’s too hot but now the sun is going down a bit I can come out and listen to the birds and wait for the foxes!

Monday 13 June 2022

The Old Car

 Wow, look at that!

The old car, the very old car. I’ve never seen one like that before!

Saturday 11 June 2022

The Grass Is Tickling My Face

 The grass is tickling my face.

 But I’m so comfy so I’m not moving!

Thursday 9 June 2022

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Even Though It’s Bin Day

 Even though it’s bin day, and I love bin day, it’s not the best thing this morning.

No the best thing is being able to stop whenever I want…

…and sniff as much as I want…

… all the lovely flowers!

Monday 6 June 2022

No Garden Time

 Oh, it’s raining outside today.

I don’t like that when it happens it means no garden time during the day.


Sunday 5 June 2022

The Long Weekend Is Nearly Over

 That’s it the long weekend is nearly over.

I’m getting every minute of cuddle time I can get, from everyone!

Friday 3 June 2022

Yes, When The Panting Happens

 It’s another beautiful sunny day and I’m loving spending time in the garden with David and my daddies.

But I’m bing good at knowing when to go into the shade.

Yes, when the panting happens!

Thursday 2 June 2022

I’m Puffed Out Now

 Wow I’ve just found out that daddy and Puppynap don’t have to do work things for the next few days.

That means more time to be with me and go on long walks together.

I’m puffed out now but I loved it.

Wednesday 1 June 2022