Tuesday 30 November 2021

They Need My Heat


It’s so cold at the moment that I’m taking every chance to cuddle up to keep daddy and Puppynap warm.

They need my heat!

Sunday 28 November 2021

The New Furry Rug

 I’m loving the new furry rug. It’s sooo soft.

I think David loves it too!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side 

Friday 26 November 2021

Under The Covers

 I was asleep on the pillow waiting until we could go down the stairs, when Puppynap tucked me under the covers.


It’s lovely and snuggly. This is alright we can stay a while.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Tuesday 23 November 2021

I Can’t Believe It

 I can’t believe it.

I was just sitting here minding my business when in comes Puppynap with a bit of biscuit in his hand. All for me.

I didn’t even have to beg for it or anything!

Monday 22 November 2021

Look At My Lips

 Look at my lips.

I would like my treat now please.

Can you bring it here?

Sunday 21 November 2021

Sunday Morning Walk

 I’ve just been on a Sunday morning walk.

There was no one around anywhere.

Not down here.

Or here.

Where is everyone?

Saturday 20 November 2021

Saturday Morning Cuddle Up

 This is what I love one of the bestest.

Saturday morning cuddle up!

The bestest!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side 

Friday 19 November 2021

Knocked Me Out

 That stuff they gave me really knocked me out!

What A Day I’ve Had

 What a day I’ve had.

First of all I went out with Puppynap very early. 

Then we went in the car to go and play with my friends and have a spa day.

Legend we hone for a bit and then we went out again. To go and see the doctor.

I didn’t know why I’ve been feeling ok.

The lady said she thought I was only about 3 or 4 and Puppynap was very happy.

Then they tried to cut my claws.
I fought back so much that they had to give me something to calm me down I was so, I think the work they used was distressed.

Then I wasn’t and just wanted to cuddle up with Puppynap and David. That’s a good idea.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Monday 15 November 2021

Saturday 13 November 2021

Rainbow Father Christmas

 We were waiting for a surprise visitor. Puppynap said they were coming to see me.

It was a lady that was our friend.

We had a lovely cuddle.

And a rainbow Father Christmas!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side 

Wednesday 10 November 2021

I’m Not Leaving Him Up Here Without Me

 I wish Puppynap would hurry up and finish work.

I want to go down the stairs and have a play but I’m not leaving him up here without me!

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Served Dinner In Bed

 I’m getting served dinner in bed.

I was a little bit tired so I went for an early evening sleep and Puppynap got worried that I hadn’t eaten.

So he started to feed me where I was sleeping.

I’m liking this service.

Sunday 7 November 2021

At The Moment

 I’ve been up had my breakfast, been for a walk and had my face washed.

I’m not just waiting for someone to open the door so I can go back to bed with my daddy.

I’m waiting patiently. At the moment!

Friday 5 November 2021

Oh No Here We Go Again

 Oh no here we go again and this time it’s very big bangs!

I don’t like fireworks.

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Ooh What’s That?

 Ooh what’s that?

Egg! For me!

I wasn’t expecting that, I’ve already had my dinner.


Monday 1 November 2021

But Now I’m Here

 Puppynap was sitting on my cushion on the floor.

When he went to the toilet I quickly jumped into it.

I was going to just keep it warm but now I’m here…