Friday 29 April 2016

I'm Off For An Explore And A Tap Dance

Weeeeeeee. We're going on an adventure...

...and a motorway.

*Sniff, sniff*

I remember this place.

We were at Aunty S's x

Then we went for a walk and we went into this place. It smells like I've been here before but it looks different.

I'm off for an explore and a tap dance.

We then had some dinner and I had a sit on the window to see things.

And a sniff of the plant.

Then we all sat down for a good old chit chat.

 A good old chit chat.

I Wanted To Make Sure I Didn't Miss My Go

All of a sudden everyone was up and moving about. I was a it surprised it was all so quick. I couldn't find Puppynap so I went out into the kitchen to see if he was there. That's when I saw it...

...David was in a box.


I barked to be let in...

But I wasn't allowed. I had a little chat when Puppynap put the box on the floor, then Daddy came and they all went out.

I waited all the time they were gone. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss my go in the box when they got back.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday 28 April 2016

Through The Magic Tunnel - I Needed That!

Daddy is off work, the sun is out...

...and we're going for an adventure. Today it's down the road.

And through the magical tunnel.

Across a crossroads.

Remembering the green cross code.

And towards the lakes. It's very green here now, in just a month.

Since I was last playing amongst the daisies.

Quite a long walk already, time for a water break.

That was needed!

Yes a lot greener than last time.

Nice to see the swam's are about,


Oh dear a bit close that.

Yes much too close. Angry bird.

Time to go.

To explore.

Bit blowy here Puppynap.

Nice clouds though.

Ooh dear, another angry swam hiding like a secret agent.

Time to cross the bridge.

And see a typical Spring country scene, blue sky, fluffy white clouds and a meandering river. Quite satisfactory.

Phew, I' getting pretty thirty again, is it time for a water break yet?

Ahhh dreamy man.

Phew muddy puddle. Made it.

Ducks, ducks...


Where'd they go?

Ah clean water...

I needed that!

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Then I Got The Best Present

A lady has just come to the door. I barked hello and she smiled at me as she gave Puppynap a lot of things for Daddy.

It was some birthday presents I think, the must have been having a good time at the sorting place.

Then I got the best present from Daddy. 

A whole cardboard box all to myself.

Yes ALL to myself!

I Helped The Men Too

They're here, they're here. The men who have come to fix our roof have come. I thought it was an art installation they were putting in but it turns out to be a big ladder type thing to help the men.

I helped the men too, I supervised!

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy x

I slept on the bed last night because today was a special day.

Today was Daddies birthday. 

Happy Birthday Daddy x

Then it was time to get a belly rub for Daddies birthday present from me.

Then time to put my hat back on and for us to sing Happy Birthday...

It as a beautiful morning, and I hoped for a special wish for Daddy to take me out later on today. I hope his birthday wish comes true.

But for the meantime we were going to have a little sleep. That's what we do on Daddies birthday.

And then all of a sudden there was all this noise outside and men with poles and things coming up the path.

They put in an art installation for Daddies birthday,

Did you see Nadia?

Well. Did you?

She didn't say so I went for a rest on the sofa to wait for David to ask him if he saw.

Then David came down and I ran straight over to ask him if he saw the art installation they put in?

He didn't say!

So I went for a lay with Daddy on the sofa with the duvet.

And when we woke up it was time for a walk. 

Daddies birthday wish from me to him came true.

Um, tomorrow must be bin day.

And let me give you a jump for joy!

As we go on an afternoon adventure.

But when we came home I was beginning to feel a very tired girl.

A very tired girl indeed!

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