Thursday 31 December 2020

Happy New Year - Love River x

 I’m waiting up with daddy and Puppynap for it to be 12 o clock.

Then it will be the next day and a new year.

Happy New Year everyone love River x

Wednesday 30 December 2020

An Urgent Mission

 Come on, hurry up!

Ive got an urgent mission.

This bin to sniff!

Tuesday 29 December 2020

I Don’t Have To Rush My Investigating

 Brrrr. It’s so cold out today.

I’m glad I’m in my warm jumper I don’t have to rush my investigating.

Monday 28 December 2020

White In The Air

 Wow it’s really cold out. Puppynap said there might be snow but I’ve not seen any yet.

 It there’s lots of white in the air.

Sunday 27 December 2020

Is, Is, Is

Hello David.

Is, is, is there room in there for me please?

Friday 25 December 2020

It's Christmas Day Today

It's Christmas Day today but we all had a little sleep in.

But before anything can happen...

...we've got to go out for our morning walk.

Have a see what's happening.

Wow the roads are empty but they would be I suppose were not supposed to be going places this year.

Then when we got home it was time for presents!

I got some new pyjamas.

And the best bit, the paper.

David got this thing I don't know what it is though.

But David liked it so I went in the kitchen with daddy and Puppynap.

And had a look out in the garden, see what was happening.

Then me and Puppynap and David had a sleep on the sofa.

But they wouldn't stop fidgetting so I came to have a peaceful sleep on my chair by the window and tree.

But I didn't want to miss the afternoon film...


The it was time for Christmas dinner. I had the mash and carrots...

...and now it's time to have a rest, it's been a hectic day!

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Thursday 24 December 2020

Christmas Eve

 I was jus my sitting next to my daddy all excited because it was Christmas Eve and tomorrow things happen.

Then all of a sudden!

I was not expecting that but I do feel all clean now so I suppose it was worth it.

Where’s my treat?

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Sunday 20 December 2020

Look, It Tickles

 I can touch the top of my mouth with my tongue.

Look, it tickles!


Friday 18 December 2020

Thursday 17 December 2020

Wednesday 16 December 2020

The Entertainment Plan

 Right so what’s on the entertainment plan for tonight then?

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Sunday 13 December 2020

We’re Getting Ready It’s Coming

 We’re all sitting down together to watch...

...a Christmas movie together.

We’re getting ready, it’s coming 

Friday 11 December 2020

Long Time, This Time

 I love looking at the Christmas Tree lights, I hope they stay for a long time this time.

Blossom And Barney

 I went to see Blossom and Barney today, they live with the lady that gives me a Spa Day now.

I really like going there.

Thursday 10 December 2020

And I Like To Share My Time

 I love it when both my daddies are working at home.

It means I can go and sleep anywhere I choose.

And I like to share my time!

Tuesday 8 December 2020

We’re Close To Each Other

 There’s no room but it doesn’t matter, we’re close to each other.

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Monday 7 December 2020

I Like The Feeling

 I love looking at the Christmas Tree lights, even first thing in the morning!

It just feels like Christmas will come faster this year I’m not sure why but I like the feeling.

Saturday 5 December 2020

It’s Always Colder There

We’ve been for a brisk winter walk this morning.

We needed to walk quickly as it was very cold and we needed to keep warm. 

Especially as we was by the water. It’s always colder there!

Friday 4 December 2020

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Lick Again



Lick again.

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