Monday 30 September 2013

It Didn't Bother Me I Played With A Leaf

Daddy said come on River we're going out.

Brilliant I love it out I can smell all the lovely flowers.

*Sniff, sniff*

What's this?


It's a doggies, a doggie, another doggie was here!

Then Daddy went into a building and I went across the big road with Puppynap. Come on I know what's coming up next. 

The river!

...and leaves. Leaves everywhere!

Come on, had enough of that now.

We're at Nannies, yippee.

Um. What's been going on here then?

When we left I still had lots of energy and ran all over the place.

And I met another little doggies and we sniffed each other for a while but he was a bit tired and needed to go. I wanted to play with him longer though.

It was just after that that I saw Daddy again and him and Puppynap met a man with lots of dribbles coming from his mouth, he must have been hot because his face was all red. For a while they all debated, that's what Puppynap said it was, it sounded more like the man was being told off for being nasty and he danced around doing a little jig back and forth, but it didn't bother me I played with a leaf.

Sunday 29 September 2013

All This Gardening Stuff

Daddy said come on River come and help us in the garden again today.

OK then what needs doing?

I'll dig this bit here and have a look at what you did and see if I can find any treasures.

I found loads! 

It's really tiring all this gardening stuff.

Reminded Me Of Snow

I just saw a snow doggie, that's what Puppynap called it, it was beautiful and really big and reminded me of snow.

I called hello after him but he didn't say hello back so I got a bit fed up.

A Collection Of Bones

The boy and the girl came over tonight and everyone watched a film about a collection of bones, but I didn't see any and so went and had a look outside, it's raining but I can see lots of cats walking around, more interesting out there than this film, where the bones?

Saturday 28 September 2013

A Mole Popped Up To Help

I was up in the window with Lil' trying to sniff her bum when I saw a cat outside. I think he wanted to play with me but he speaks cats and I don't know cat.

And then Daddy and Puppynap said come on River come and help us in the garden. 

They did digging and then I went around afterwards getting things out of the ground. It was very tiring and I had a little rest.

And when I woke up Puppynap asked Daddy where Snow White was going and he said let's put her here and see her story unfold.

And it did unfold, one of her little men friends fell over in a hole.

The other little men friends where getting ready to help her but one of them was drunk and fell over.

But it was all OK a Mole popped up to help everyone.

And I helped to!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

I Remembered

When I woke up Lil' was right by me and I knew she wanted to say hello, so I sniffed her and then I remembered that Puppynap said stay still and I get more and I did, and I did! The main reason I didn't move though was because I was tired.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Friday 27 September 2013

I Played Rugby With The Elf

Today was brilliant, I didn't know but the Elf was coming to see me and today when she came in she brought me a new game called rugby. 

She gave it to me but then kept on talking to Lil' 

*Giggles* I know what I'll do

Wait until just the right moment and...


The table was too packed and I couldn't get up there and then the Elf called me to come and play Rugby with her.

You can also play it on your own but it's best to play with your friends unless they want to tease you with the tassles, the tassles are great and I don't share that game!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Daddy's Home

Daddy's home. 


Thursday 26 September 2013



Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

We Saw The Girls And I Went Fishing

This afternoon Puppynap said to me come on River we're going to see the girls. Yippee I love seeing the girls.

When we got there it was very hot and I went outside to get colder because I was so hot and when I went out I was allowed to explore.

And then I saw something behind the bushes and it was a pond. I've never seen a pond before and Puppynap said I was allowed to go fishing. It's brilliant ponds are places in the ground that have hundreds and hundreds of twigs in them. WOW!

After I went fishing I went inside and played Slidey River, I can only play it here and I love it. And seeing the girls and then Daddy came in and I love my daddy to.

Umm Helpful!

I've been a really good girl.

When Puppynap came down I showed him what I had been doing, helping Daddy and Puppynap with the decorating. I've been digging up the floor tiles, I know I was good because when Puppynap saw what I had been doing he said

Umm helpful and thanks for putting it all over the carpet!

I'm going to do some more tomorrow, I know they will like that.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Your Turn

This is brilliant, I'm having so much fun playing with my towel. What you do is put it in your mouth and shake it all about really, really quickly until your hair goes all over the place.

Come on now it's your turn!

Tuesday 24 September 2013


Today I am feeling really fed up, I just don't have any energy, I heard Lil' walking around upstairs and I couldn't even be bothered to move to see if she was coming down the stairs.

Oh when will these lady times be over?

Monday 23 September 2013

My Plan Worked!

It's lovely and sunny and hot and I didn't want to stay inside any more....

I wanted to play but Puppynap wasn't seeing me, he was playing with the washing on the spinny thing. I know...

...if I play with all the pegs and spell out a message he'll see.

He did, he did, my plan worked! Tug it harder, grrrrrrrr.

Sunday 22 September 2013

I Wasn't Expecting That!

I was feeling a bit fed up and then I thought I know what I'll play with Daddy.

Come on Daddy, play this with me!

Brilliant I love this game, come on pull harder Daddy.

Come on stop teasing me with it.

Oh I wasn't expecting that!