Tuesday 30 April 2013

Touch My Hand Lil' Make Me Better

 I'm still feeling very tired after my visit to the Doctor and to see the Elf. I think Lil' knows as she's just sitting here with me, I think she knows I'm feeling a little sorry for myself.

Touch my hand Lil' make me better.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

There She Is, She Was Hiding

Today daddy said I was going to have a couple of surprises, goody I love surprises.

It turns out the first one wasn't a surprise I liked though, I had to go to the Doctors. I was feeling alright so I didn't know why I was there. I can remember before when I went he put something up my bum and another time he gave me an injection.

Today he gave me an injection which I didn't really want and he cut my nails, I'm guessing this was the second bit of River Spa Day, now I've got nails like a girl.

Then we went in the car for a long drive and I fell asleep, the trip to the Doctors must have worn me out a lot as I didnlt wake up until we was there.

I've not been to this place before so I had a sniff around and I smelt something I'd smelt before, the Elf.

I ran indoors all excited but I couldn't find her this must be a birthday trip we are having.

There she is, she was hiding.

Monday 29 April 2013

I've Just Been To THE LAKES

I've just been on the longest walk I've ever been on. Daddy picked me up and said come on lets go. I didn't know where we were going though. We got in the car and drove for a little bit and then he said we're here, it's the lakes and I jumped out of the car.

There was a sign saying I must be kept on a lead, owwww.

We then went through a magic tunnel made of trees and when we came out of the other side.....

There was a great big lake and it was full of ducks and geese. They were brilliant...

and I went up really close to them. I've never seen geese before

After a while daddy said come on let's run and we ran and ran and


When we stopped we was in a field full of daisies. I love daises and smell them whenever I see them. 

There was also a great big frog and Puppynap said that an evil witch must have put a spell on the frog to turn it into wood. He does talk rubbish sometimes.

It wasn't an evil witch but I needed to investigate who did turn the frog into a big wooden frog and when they walked off I dug my heals in, I hadn't finished my hunting for clues.

Daddy and Puppynap thought I was trying to tell them that I wanted a drink of water but I wasn't going to drink from the lake what do they think I am?

When we were there though some Swans flew over they were amazing.

They we hit a dog soup, there was about 10 of then all running around trying to sniff me and then one of the ladies started to feed the Swans and one of the little dogs went to help her.

She was beautiful

but then decided to chase us,

Daddy picked me up and we ran. Good I was glad of the rest it was a very long walk even to this bit and I knew we had more to go.

Eventually after about 15 miles we came back to where we started and I saw the ducks and geese again.

By this time I was too tired to walk so sat down for a rest, it's been a lovely walk but I can't believe how tired I am I think I will sleep all afternoon now.

Happy Birthday Elf

It's a Monday and daddy is home again. I didn't know why until he said it was the Elf's birthday.

Happy Birthday Elf when you coming to see me so I can give you some birthday licks? You get double for that!

Sunday 28 April 2013

River Spa Day

This afternoon has been the River Spa Day. 

First of all daddy made me run around and around the garden, it really tired me out I was pooped and fell asleep on Puppynap. When I woke up I was on the table and daddy was brushing me.

All of a sudden they got out some snippy things big and small, some combs, brushes and a big bag of treats.

They gave me loads and loads of them and I was good and stood still most of the time. They then gave me a bath and I came over a big excited and when I came down daddy brushed conditioner in my hair and brushed and brushed it as I ran around. Weeeee a treats high.

After a little bit I was tired out again, boooo a treat low, but I love my new hair cut though.

What's Nadia Thinking?

I wonder what Nadia's thinking?

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


Puppynap and daddy were indoors and they weren't playing with me so I went and made my own fun.

I found this great big lump of grass and when Puppynap called out what was that daddy said I'd grown a beard.

It worked I got their attention and daddy came out to play with me, he picked up my big stick and waved it around in the air like a wand.

He then threw it up to Puppynap and shouted at me to FETCH!

OK then!

Saturday 27 April 2013

A Dog With A Bone

I've just dug up a bone from the garden, I think it's the first one I've ever found. Puppynap said that I get things from a bone that are good for me and daddy said he would buy me some special ones from the shop so that they are clean.

This is lovely!


Learning Sign Language

A girl came over just now to see me and to teach me some sign language.

This one means lick.

And this one means look at my nails, can't see mine though, I think that means I need a River Spa Day!

Friday 26 April 2013

It's Daddies Birthday

When I woke up this morning Lil' made some sort of a noise at me so I followed her into the other room to see what she wanted.

I've no idea what she was trying to say but she spoke lots and lots which isn't something she does to me. As much as I loved it it really wasn't the time cause cause I was still tired and it's daddies birthday and I want to jump up and give him a great big cuddle and go back to sleep.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Thursday 25 April 2013

She Fell For My Trick

Tonight we went over to see some girls. I didn't know where we were going to begin with but Puppynap put me in the car and we went for a long drive. I was a very good girl Puppynap said so, I sat there very still and very quiet even though I got a bit bored on the way and tried to stand up and look out of the window. 

When we got there daddy was there waiting for me, I was very excited to see him and one of the girls that was there, I kept on laying out in from of her like a mat and she laughed and stroked me.

Then the other girl came in and said hello to me. I like to play around with her and tease her as  I know she likes it. I really wanted her to tickle me and play with me so I started to lick her hand and then when she wasn't paying attention I gave her hand a little bite.

She fell for my trick and picked up my doggy and played with it with me for ages. When we left they said that they would come and see me again soon, I'm so pleased about that I love those two girls.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Lots Of Little Kisses

Nadia has come to join me I just saw her running across the floor and jumped down to say hello.

Apart from Nadia I've never met a tortoise before they are weird, they don't speak and don't do much but daddy and Puppynap look after her very much. When I jumped down to her see her daddy picked me back up but Puppynap said that I should go and make friends with her, get used to being around each other he said.

I don't know why they are making such a fuss I'm only giving her lots of little kisses and a little tap on her back to say hello I'm here.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

I've Just Met Another Auntie

I've just met another Auntie, I thought I only had one who I met a while ago but Puppynap said I have another one called Auntie Silver. She didn't look like she was made of Silver but she had lovely warm hands.

She came to visit me and Puppynap and gave me great big cuddles and Puppynap let her feed me lots of treats. I liked her she laughed a lot and she said that she had a cat Rosie, wow these cats get everywhere. When she went Puppynap said we could go and see her soon I hope so she was lovely.

                    Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Tuesday 23 April 2013

I've Been Listening

I've been listening to what Puppynap's been saying about getting close to Lil'. He said that if I sit really quietly near her and don't make big movements that she will let me come near and she did. This is brilliant!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Monday 22 April 2013

Excited And Fluffy

Hurrah, Puppynap finally came downstairs and stayed down. I was getting so bored on my own today that I brought some wood and moss inside to make him a picture for when he came down. I don't think he liked it much though as he hovered it all up. 

Never mind he said I'm going to take you for an afternoon walk after I brush all that crap out of your hair. I think crap mean a combination of moss and wood.

Sometimes I can't help myself when I get all excited and accidentally bit Puppynap, not only was I getting all fluffy I was also going to go out and chase some cats. Yippee here we go!

Saturday 20 April 2013

My First Ever BBQ

I've just been to my first every BBQ. A girl phoned daddy and said "Come on come around and have a BBQ". 

Daddy jumped up and down and said "We're on our way" 

When we got there a boy was missing so I looked at the horticulture stuff he'd been doing, I'm liking the exotic plant life they have growing there. I then had a bit of a play in the garden with the girls socks.

Then the boy came and said they didn't have any wood so Puppynap disappeared and went and searched for some and when he eventually came back we got the fire going. Wow I've seen fire before but never this big, they all must have liked it because they huddled around it although the boys gardening must have disturbed some nests as they had ants in their pants.

What happens at a BBQ is that you get to eat a lot of burnt meat unless you are Puppynap who gets a spicy bean-burger whatever that might be, and when you are finished you burp a lot and then huddle in tight and have a little sleep. I've decided I like BBQ's and shall be attending them lots.

Come On Everyone

Puppynap and Lil' were up really early this morning and ready to play. I got a great big cuddle from Puppynap and Lil' came in to get one too.
When we went downstairs they seemed to get tired out and they both just sat down. Tut that's rubbish it's time to play come on everyone let's go outside. I ran really quickly so they could play chase with me. I ran right up the back to the spinning rainbow thing and was looking at that when I saw a big cat looking at me. 
He wasn't very friendly because when I said hello he just ran off so I went back to watching the spinning rainbow thing. I hope Lil' and Puppynap hurry up and come and play my feet are getting wet.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side