Friday 28 February 2014

It's Been Such A Tiring Day

 It's been such a tiring day.

Yeahhhh, I Have Been Really

What you doing there?

No, I've not been out in the rain.

Yeahhhh, I have been really. It was BRILLIANT!

What's this? A box!

I love boxes!

And Don't Be Jealous!

Daddy said come on River we're going on a day out adventure. Brilliant, hurry up then!

We went in the car and then we stopped off at a great big shop and Daddy got out and went inside. 

He was ages!

Puppynap let me look out of the window though and I saw lots of cars.

But Daddy was so long that I counted all the cars and then got bored.

Come on Daddy I'm bored of this part of the day out adventure now!

Ah that's better we're on our way again now and I can have a little sleep.

When we got there we were at the girls house and I got to explore when it was the day time.

Wow a great big pile of wood and twigs.

And don't be jealous there was stones!

Daddy, DADDY!

Love Heart, Love Heart, can you hear me?



Brilliant Love Heart can hear me and she wants to come and play. 

Daddy, DADDY, let her in, she wants to come and play with me!


Daddy quickly open the window my friend is waving at me, she wants to play with me.

Daddy, DADDY!



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Thursday 27 February 2014

A Cuddle Will Make It Better

Pick me up, my tummy is still hurting and a cuddle will make it all better again.

That and another gravy bone!

Ooh A Cat Dancing

Ooh look...

It's a cat dancing up and down the step. 

Why does he keep doing that Puppynap? Do you think he wants to come in and play with me?

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Wednesday 26 February 2014

I'd Make A Great Detective

It's not even my birthday but Daddy has just given me a special present.

It's my Spring coat ready for Spring time that's coming this weekend.

Puppynap says he thinks I look like an Detective, Daddy said I'd make a great Detective as I'm so nosey! 

Tuesday 25 February 2014

What About My Ears?

Puppynap says I must wrap up really warm if we're going outside as it's freezing cold

Well tuck my ears in then!


I'm still so tired today. I slept all of the night and didn't get up to wake Puppynap and Daddy until it was nearly time for everyone to get up, but I did get my early morning cuddle.

When we came down the stairs I got comfy in my seat, I couldn't even find the energy to do my early morning dance today, all I could do was sleep.

I did sleep nearly all the day away until Puppynap woke me up and come on River get yourself outside to get some sun on your body, that will make you feel better. So I did.

I just about managed to have a little sit down and call out to my friends to see if anyone was around. But they wasn't so I came back indoors really quickly.

Well it helped a bit, but it's helping me more sitting on my seat having a sleep. Nun-night.

Monday 24 February 2014

Out Of My Way, I'm Going Out Through The Window


Look there's a cat sitting on the doorstep!

 Out of my way, I'm going out through the window. Open the window Puppynap, there's a CAT out there!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side


My favourite thing to eat in the morning is my tooth stick. It's good for my teeth Daddy says, it's lovely to eat AND fun!

Today Puppynap said I've been so good girl that I can have another half.

Look I can make it stand up on it's end. I'm not just a good girl but I'm a clever girl as well!

I can see why it's good for my teeth, it's just so chewy!

Um that was delicious!

Sunday 23 February 2014

Sewing And Bee's!

I never ever look at the TV box unless there's a doggie on it having a bit of a conversation with me but today Daddy has put on the most brilliant thing ever.

It's got sewing and bees on it and a nice lady called Claws Winkleman. I can't stop watching it and every time Claws speaks  I get so happy that I just can't help but wag my tail, she's got such a lovely voice. I hope it's on again soon!

I Could Hardly Believe My Eyes

I was just having a little rest when I heard something outside and I could hardly believe my eyes!

The Elf, it was the Elf who had come to see me to make me feel better.

She does make me feel better, especially when she gives me a lovely big cuddle

   And double especially when she plays with Felix with me. I'm going to try and get her to put it in her mouth like Puppynap does!

Good Advice

Puppynap opened the window and said if I sit up there the breeze would make me feel better. It was good advice I did feel better but not because of the breeze...

It was because I could see Tiny out there watching his daddy cleaning the car. I called over to him to say hello but I don't think he could hear me because of all the water going everywhere.

Daddy can I go over there to play with him?

Saturday 22 February 2014

Inside Outside

Oh I'm so swollen with this lady times. I hope it's over soon Daddy just went out and I wasn't allowed to go because of it.

I've tried to get comfy but I just can't. I went outside as the grass is all soft there but it didn't help.

I even tried inside on my favourite blanket but it's no better.

Oh please just give me a cuddle, I think that might work a bit.

I Supervised!

I was just having a little rest and then I saw Daddy and Puppynap doing things, so I went to investigate! 

Ooh what you doing? Do you need my help?

Yes they did! They were doing drilling things and putting things on the window things.

I helped them lots.

I supervised!


Quick daddy, come and have a look at this!

It's a cat. 

Erghhh, woof, erghhh.

It's not fair daddy he won't come in and play with me. He's been sitting there for ages and just keeps on looking over here. Can I go out and play with him, please?



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