Friday 31 May 2013

Boy Can She Talk

Lil's fascinating, she came down the stairs I heard her and I went to say hello and she just sat there looking at me all big eyes. She's got lovely eyes they are green and sometimes yellow. Boy can she talk she didn't stop. I've no idea what she was saying but she must be happy as we then had a race to get our dinner together. I love Lil'

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


Puppynap just caught me out. I was trying to make him a nice present of a plant for when he came down but I was only half way finished, I'd only got the mud in not the flower. I hope he liked what I had done though.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Watch Me, Here It Comes

I think Daddy and Puppynap feel a bit bad about leaving me downstairs on my own all day. That's OK I'll let them off Daddy is playing with me and my favourite toy my scarf.

Watch me, here it comes. Backflip River.

I Cuddled Him So Tight

Finally Puppynap came down, he's been upstairs all day. I was so pleased to see him that I jumped up at his legs and cuddled him so tight he had to walk with me wrapped around him. Bliss.

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Lil' Needs Glasses

I think Lil' need glasses she just smiled at me, said something when I wasn't listening properly and squinted!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Let's Make Our Baby Better

I wasn't really feeling myself today I had sat in some mud or something and it dried into me. Daddy spotted it though and said to Puppynap, come on time let's make our baby better, and they did.

They took me out the back and gave me loads of treats and cut me and things. Lil' watched it all I could see her and the second they let me go I gave her a chase.

Hey do I get some more treats for being a good girl?

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

The Window Washers

There's men next door and they are washing the windows. I'm standing here looking at them and wagging my tail and they didn't take any notice of me for ages and ages and then one of the men gave me a wave. I wagged my tail even more, why did it take them so long?

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Are We Sisters Too?

Are we sisters too Lil?

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Oh What's That In My Ear?

There's a cat out the back I ran up to see him off! There's Puppynap at the window I must go tell him, run very fast.

Oh what's that in my ear?

There's A Cat! What's He Want?

 There's a cat, there's a cat!

What's he want? What's he want?

What Big Sisters Do

Errrrrrgghhghhh it's been raining all of the day and I'm bored of it now and want to go out to play. At least Nadia is here, so looks cold so I think I will lay right next to her to keep her warm, that's what big sisters do.

Her Big Sister

Me and Nadia are now best friends, we're going to hang out together all the time, I'm going to be her big sister now and protect her from everything. Come on Lil' you can join in too!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Monday 27 May 2013

I'm So Sleepy After Yesterday

I'm so sleepy after yesterday, so I'm just having a little rest with Puppynap in the window. Lil's having a little sleep with daddy upstairs.

Sunday 26 May 2013

Bank Holiday Sunday

Puppynap said' come out into the garden River. OK I'm here, what do you want?

Daddy said come on River just sit out here with us. OK that's what they wanted, OK then although it is very warm.

A bit too hot for me, lucky it;s cool here in the shade on these cold stones, perfect time for a sleep.

Then lots of people came and woke me up and they put my hair in this bunch thing and they made me wear it for a long time til it fell off. This lady let me lick her neck.

And then tried to lick mine. When she couldn't she tickled my throat, strange lady.

It was lovely and hot out, even Nadia came for a little sunbathe.

They gave me lots and lots of chicken and beefburgers and things, this one was massive.

I then fell asleep and when I woke up it was getting dark. All I can think of is who is going to clear up all this mess, glad it's not me!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Saturday 25 May 2013

I Suggest Pizza For Tea

I suggest Pizza for tea.

Fun In The Sun

Hurrah daddy is playing with me in the back garden, fun in the sun!

I'll get my sparkly ball!

Daddy Is Going Out!

A girls is in the car outside and Daddy is going out! Daddies going out! Daddies going out! Where's he going? Where's he going? Dance on spot, dance on spot. Daddies going out! Daddies going out! Where's he going? March, march, march, march, march. Errrrrghhh

Friday 24 May 2013

Lil's In A Funny Mood Tonight

Lil's in a funny mood tonight!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


We went on a car journey today. Daddy didn't go out for all the day or anything, he was here with me! I was a good girl, I always am when I'm in the car. It was raining really hard but I felt safe so I went to sleep, I was in daddies arms.

When we got there, there was one of the girls there and I was glad too see they'd brought my doggy.

One of the girls showed me her karate moves, impressive. Hi-Ya!

Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye and went to investigate.

It was a CAT!

Must Remember

If I sit still long enough Lil' will get back to looking out the window and I can sniff her again. 

Must remember Puppynaps words - Stay still, stay still.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Thursday 23 May 2013

Hanging With My Friends

When we went to go get daddy we didn't come home at first, we went to see a girl and a boy and Phoebe and Flo were BOTH down to see me to. They are CATS you know!

Flo has big blue sparkly eyes, she should show them off more and stop hiding when I come around. 

I then had a chat with Phoebe on the stairs and a play with a girl and a boy.

Just Saving Up My Energy

There's Lil' up there sitting on my cushion, daddy moved it because I kept on eating it, as soon as she moves I'll have that off there and give her a chase, I'm just saving up my energy.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Looking Good Eh!

Puppynap said I could have an extra special treat if I showed him my teeth. He's always going on about them I hear him with Lil' he loves to say he's never had a child with bad teeth and he intends to keep it that way. 

OK then if I'm going to get an extra special treat go on then here have a look, looking good eh!

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Let Me Go, Let Me Go

Let me go, let me go Puppynap there's Love Heart and I want to go and play!

Hey stop running away you, come and play!

Show Jumping

Puppynap finally came down to see me I was so pleased and wagged my tail a lot.

But he just wasn't understanding what I was saying to him so I had to make it clear;
here's your shoe, take me out!

Then he understood, I was very glad because I wanted to practice my show jumping, I'm getting really good at it now, I'm soon ready to jump a fence. 

Monday 20 May 2013

A Pick-Me-Up

Someday's you just need a pick-me-up, so get the hint pick-me-up Puppynap!

Sunday 19 May 2013

It's Bathtime!

It's Saturday and daddy meant what he said, it's bathtime!

They caught me when I was sleepy and before I knew what was happening I was being dipped and showered.

They were as quick as they could be and wrapped me up in two warm towels but I still feel like I've been out in a big rain shower and lost 3 pounds of hair.

Puppynap said I looked lovely shaggy wet, very 60's model.

I then got hairdryer and conditioner spray, Daddy said I smell lovely.