Thursday 30 June 2016

A Long One In The Office

I've been helping Daddy out with his work all of the day and today's been a very long one in the office and to be honest I'm really bored now.

So bored that I can't even get excited now that David has come in to see us. Don't worry I'll get it together soon and play chase, I guess I'm just feeling a bit lethargic.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Wednesday 29 June 2016


Puppynap says he think I look like a ballerina. I'm not sure what one of those are but I think it must mean someone who can make themselves look very tall, much taller than they actually are.

 Yes that must be it.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Amsterdam, A City For Dogs

I've was very excited that Daddy and Puppynap came home to me yesterday and could hardly sleep last night. Daddy got up to go to work and Puppynap and me cuddled up and he told me all about their adventures.

They went up in an aeroplane, all the way up high in the sky, playing with the clouds.

You can see lots of amazing things up there and everything that looks big down here looks tiny up there.

He said they went to Amsterdam, they've been there before, it's a place full of water and canals, no rivers though, not this time.

They went on a big explore...

...and they weren't there very long when they saw a Chinese dog in the window.

And then two other Tibetan dogs standing guard.

He said they then went to a place with a lot of red lights and it was very pretty as it got dark.

And he said they were very chilled out.

But then it was time to go to bed. They were staying on a river boat. I think I would like that.

After a big sleep they all went exploring again and saw a big crowd of people...

...they were looking at a lady walking a little dog. He looked like he liked living there.

And no wonder with dogs being everywhere.

Dogs and tulips, the flowers of the Netherlands.

They always wander about exploring a lot, especially when the sun in shining and people are out having fun.

But he said the day seems to go so quick, even though at this time of the year it doesn't get dark until about midnight, but that's the magic time, all the lights come on and make everything pretty.

But they remembered me he said, they talked about me a lot.

Then Daddy pretended to be am emu when he lost Puppynap and they found each other again.

Just in time to see the last bit of the sun go down.

See, emu's everywhere in Amsterdam.

And dogs, Amsterdam a city for dogs ad dog walking.

And the odd horse and carriage too...

...on there way to see one of the singing towers of Amsterdam no doubt.

Yes, the dogs go to see them as well.

The people of Amsterdam really do love there dogs and take really good care of them. I think I will like it very much when Daddy takes me there.

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Monday 27 June 2016

It's True, They're Back!

It's true,they're back!

Daddy! DADDY!

And Puppynap as well, I'm so happy to see you all.


...they brought me back the best present. PAPER!

Into My Arms

Nanny says they're on their way my Daddy and Puppynap. I can't wait to see them, I'm going to wait fight here until they run into my arms!

Saturday 25 June 2016

OK Come Home Now

OK you can come home in, although Elf you can rub my belly.

Oh Where Are They?

Oh where are they?

They Do Yabber On

I've been watching the television to pass the time with Daddy and Puppynap away.

Not sure what they are all going on about but they do yabber on!

Friday 24 June 2016

I Wonder What

I wonder what Daddy and Puppynap are up to? I hope they're missing me, I'm missing them!


I was very sleepy when I woke up, it was hot last night and it tired me out but I was glad it wasn't doing any of that thundering stuff.

And then all of a sudden I realised something... was Puppynap's birthday.

Happy birthday Puppynap, love you lots x

And then Puppynap and Daddy brought some bags down and said they were going to go away for a couple of days but that I was going to be having so much fun. The Elf was going to come and stay with me.



Thursday 23 June 2016

Thunder And Lightening Going Off Everywhere

I'm feeling very tired out this morning, last night there was a big storm.

I don't mind the rain so much apart from I'm not allowed out in it but last night just as we went to bed there was all this thunder and lightening going off everywhere.

I jumped down off the bed to try and get out of the bedroom but Daddy and Puppynap just kept on putting me back on the bed and cuddling me in but I didn't want to be there so in the end they opened the bedroom door and let me go where I wanted.

I went into every room searching for David but I couldn't find him and then I went down the stairs and Puppynap followed me.

He put the duvet on the sofa and tried to cuddle me in but I was too scared and the adrenaline was running all through me so I had to run around for a while.

I did see David a little bit he was very brave, he kept on going in and out of the garden but I didn't. In the end when it finished I cuddled up with Puppynap on the sofa but I'm still so tired this morning I think I'm going to sleep all day!

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Wednesday 22 June 2016

Salmon For Dinner

That was lovely, Salmon for dinner.

Come on David, let's play!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

He Can't Resist Them

I want to go out but it keep on raining and Puppynap says I can't because I would get cold and he doesn't want that to happen.

I'm a bit confused though because it's really warm out.

I think if I sit here long enough looking at him and giving his big Disney eyes he'll give in, he can't resist them!

Tuesday 21 June 2016

*Boing* We're Off To See The Rabbit's


We're of to see the rabbit's.

Down the road, that's where they live.

*Sniff, sniff*

I think some rabbit's have been this way.

Come on, hurry up Puppynap.

*Sniff, sniff*

Yes I can smell them they have certainly been this way.

It's very overgrown here now, must be because it's now Summer.

*Sniff, sniff*

Yep they've been this way but I still haven't seen any.

*Sniff, sniff, sniff*

Yes they have been here but not here now.

That was a brilliant adventure but we didn't find any rabbit's, not today anyway.