Thursday 30 April 2015


And now my Daddy is home I don't care for sleeping, now my Daddies home I'm in the mood for...


3rd Time Lucky

You know what, some days no matter how hard you try... just can't get comfy and settled. And some days... just takes persistence!

3rd time lucky.

Wednesday 29 April 2015

I'm So Excited, I Can Hardly Believe It!

I'm so excited Daddy is home that I can hardly believe it!

It Seems Like It Was Ages Ago

It's The Elf's birthday today. There's an awful lot of birthdays going on at the moment, I wonder how long it is until it's my birthday again, it seems like it was ages ago.

Happy birthday Elfy, have a lovely day X

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Monday 27 April 2015

Searching For The Pink

I was just sitting having a little look out the window when...

...David came to tell me a secret!

I was going out with Puppynap.


Puppynap said we were going out to see the Blossom. Not this one we're searching for the pink and this is purple, the colour of magic but not the colour of blossom!

No still Purple.

Dark purple but still purple.

Right look left, look right, look left again, all clear come on let's go.

Yippee across safely again!

Water! Water! Give me water!

Look Puppynap, look over there!

The blossom tree!

Sunday 26 April 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy x

Happy birthday Daddy, I hope you like your present I made you with Puppynaps help. 

It's very late though Daddy and I need to have a bit of a sleep so I will be all awake to play with you in the morning. Pick me up on your way to bed please.

Love you Daddy x

Saturday 25 April 2015

Go Ape

Beep, beep!

It's The Elf, she must have come to see me and Daddy as it's his birthday weekend.

What your bought for me Elfy?

She said she'd brought her babysitting service for me and David as they were all going out for a while...

To see an Ape they told me later when they came back. Your a big Ape...Go Ape!

It must be a magic Ape it turned everyone into monkeys that live in the trees.

And swing from the ropes...

...and cling on tightly.

It was lovely hearing all their adventures but I was feeling very tired, it's exhausting entertaining The Elf and her husband all afternoon.

So I had a little sleep and when I woke up The Elf and Husband Elf were going home and Daddy said to wish The Elf a Happy Birthday for a couple of days times. Wow she's got a birthday nearly the same day as my Daddy.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday 24 April 2015

The Stig

What a day it's turned out to be, we've had a surprise visitor, I heard them do the beep, beep.


Brilliant it's the girl come to see me.

But Daddy wasn't here and so I waited very patiently. 

And then Daddy came home and played with me in the garden.

And after a dinner of burnt roast chicken me and David watched the day turned into night together, it's a brilliant weekend already.

That Will Get Us Out Of It

David Puppynaps looking at us, quickly hide the bag of Dreamies under the sofa so he doesn't see it.

Stretch David, pretend you're just going for a walk.

That's not working he's still watching us, look cute David, that will get us out of it!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Shhh We Must Keep It A Secret

I'm so excited, Puppynap said it is going to be Daddies birthday in a few days time and so it was time for us to get his present from me ready but shhh we must keep it a secret. 

Wow a secret!

We did lots of things, special things and it took us ages to get everything ready and then Puppynap said not to worry he would hide my present for Daddy until Sunday and then bring it out first thing in the morning for me to give it to him.

Brilliant, I think he's going to love it but it's tiring keeping secrets. I can't wait until Sunday and to see his face!

Thursday 23 April 2015

A Fabulous Thing Just Happened

A fabulous thing just happened! I was just outside in the garden having a little sniff around and chatting to my friends over the fence when I heard Puppynap saying hello to David.

I turned around and saw him coming out of the house into the garden, this is something that doesn't happen much during the day but it does at night, he lives it out there then.

I ran up to him to say come and play with me and he said OK he would we can play hide and seek and I needed to run up the garden and count to 10 and then try and find him.


OK Coming ready or not!

Oh where is he I can't see him anywhere. Humph!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Wednesday 22 April 2015

There's No One Quiet Like...

When I woke up this morning I was all confused, I couldn't see where my Daddy was. Puppynap and David was here but no Daddy. Then Puppynap said not to worry but Daddy was away with work last night and he would be back soon. 

I was feeling a little bit sad at that and went out in the garden to see if Nadia knew where Daddy was but I couldn't even find her and then all of a sudden I heard a noise at the door and ran back indoors to see if it was him.

It was!

Brilliant, there's no one quiet like Daddy. I'm sitting on him and making sure he doesn't go anywhere again, I missed him sooooooo much!

Monday 20 April 2015

I Was Just...

 I was just having an afternoon lay down with David when Puppynap said come on River we're going to see Auntie Silver.

It doesn't take long to get to Auntie Silver and when we got there she was there and in the kitchen cleaning things. Puppynap said we might be a while so I should go and find Rosie the cat.

I searched everywhere but I couldn't find her but I did find her toys and her bed, I had a little rest in it, it was very comfy.

But I wasn't there for that I was there to play with Rosie. Oh where is she? And when will Auntie Silver be ready to go out?

Why are you laughing at that Puppynap?

Sunday 19 April 2015

I'm Flying

Weeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm flying. 

Do it again Daddy, do it again!

So Much Of The Day

Puppynap said come on River you're spending so much of the day sleeping with David that you won't sleep tonight... come on outside with me...

...and we can play chase.

That was funny but I'm a bit too tired to play chase the ball today...

...I've got a brilliant game to play though that doesn't take much energy.

Chase Nadia, a lot less energetic for me.

"Bang there goes my peaceful afternoon!"