Sunday 30 June 2013

Simply The Best

Daddy and Puppynap went out for a bit and left me at home. I didn't mind too much I had a great big long sleep and woke up when they came home and banged on the window to wake me up. I was so excited that I ran around and around in circles and jumped up and down loads and loads.

I then went and ran outside and got so excited I ate a bulb from the garden but it upset my tummy and Daddy said that I had to have a bath. I was the best that I have ever been in the bath, EVER.

When we came down Daddy blew wind in my hair and Puppynap brushed me and played with me when he was doing that, it was a great game.

When they finished I got a lovely treat and they kept on singing at me in a funny voice.

Simply the best!

I don't know why they laughed so much though.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

I'll Wait Until He's Not Looking

Puppynap went around to see Phobe and Flo but didn't take me with him so I got a little bit bored as Daddy was crushing some sweets on his computer and not playing with me so I had to make my own fun.

Puppynaps shoe is a brilliant game to play. What you do is get the stringing lacy thing and pull and pull and pull. Sometimes I go on my back and hold it between my paws and rub the lovely string between them. 

But Puppynap came back in and caught me and asked me to stop.

Owww! I know what, I'll wait until he's not looking and play again.

Saturday 29 June 2013

Holly Wood

Daddy and Puppynap got my reigns out and said, come on we're going for an adventure. We all then got into the car, I'm always brilliant in the car and they said that we were going to Holly Wood wow Hollywood!

It wasn't a long journey but we went way up high into the hills and then we was there. I was raring to go, come on everyone, this is the way.

This wood is big for me and we got a little bit lost, I think it's this way! 

Puppynap said there was a secret field to find, I think it must be this way.

But first I want to go exploring up here, it's fun in here! 

I found it, I found the secret field.

It's beautiful.

Friday 28 June 2013

What A Night

Wow what a night I've had, not only did the Elf come to see me so did the husband Elf, when he saw me a great big smile came all over his face that's how I could tell he was happy, he gave me loads of strokes.

Then Lil' came down to join in the fun but then she went to have some of the dinner they all had. I did something I never did before I jumped on the chair, it amazes everyone.

The Elf then played with me for hours with my dog until I could hardly even breath.

When they went I was just so tired that I cuddled up to Daddy, wow what a brilliant night.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Elf, Elf, Elf, Elf, Elf, It's The Elf

Elf, Elf, Elf, Elf,  Elf, Puppynap it's the Elf, Puppynap, Puppynap, the Elf is here, the Elf is here.

I need a drink, I'm soooooo excited.

I'm so glad you're here it's been ages and ages, I love you Elf.

Animal Magic Legs

I love cuddling up with Puppynap, he's got such a comfy legs. They are animal magic legs and sometimes I wish I could stay on them all of the day. His pillows not too bad either.

Thursday 27 June 2013

What The Elf Said

Puppynap came down to see me and said he'd heard from the Elf, she sends her love and said to tell me that Nadia has been trying to eat my bone because I've been eating her peppers and it's only fair to share the food. 

But it's my bone, a bone for doggies only!

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Absolutely Massive

I helped Puppynap today and he said I was a brilliant big girl in helping him find Nadia when she got herself lost, we looked every where in the world. I think it's a big garden so it must be absolutely massive for her she's so tiny.

Lil' wasn't much help, she just sat there looking at us while we searched.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


Well if Nadia can eat my bone then I can eat this brick!

She Wants My Bone

 Puppynap and daddy went out and then Nadia came out to play but she went straight over to my bone and started to try to have a little bit.

I'm so glad Puppynap came back quickly, Puppynap make her stop doing that it's my bone.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Not Bed Time Yet!

I was just having a little sleep on the floor and Nadia came over to say hello to me and woke me up!

I think she must be confused and come over to tell me a bedtime story cause I was so sleepy but it's not bed time yet!

A Special Hammock

Today I helped Puppynap cut the grass, he got stung by a BEE but I didn't. As a special reward he got me a special hammocky thing out to lay in the sun with him in and put some shade around me so I didn't get too hot thank you...

...and then the sun went in! 

Monday 24 June 2013


Oh I forgot to tell you, and-a-shoe-to-chew-too!

A Dog With A BONE!

Today I went out with Puppynaop to the place that I go to see the Doctor but this time even though I'm very tired out I didn't need to go to see them. It was amazing there was lots of smells everywhere and Puppynap brought me lots of treats and things and I got to walk around everywhere smelling everything. A little girl and her daddy came and gave me a stroke and we came home with a new friend for Alo the goldfish.

Puppynap brought me a BONE! I've never had this sort of a bone before and I didn't know what it was when Puppynap gave it to me.

Lil' also came for a look I think she didn't know what a bone was either!

Then Nadia came to investigate!

Then I guessed what it was for and love it! I'M A DOG WITH A BONE!

Oh yes and it's Puppynap's birthday to. 


Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Sunday 23 June 2013

I Will

I'm just so tired I almost don't know what's going on, Daddy and Puppynap are saying it's the lady times and I should just rest all I want to. I will, I'll just sleep here with Daddy!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Dog And Ham Market

I'm very tired again today, Daddy and Puppynap said that they think the lady times are coming again and that I must rest up but they had a surprise for me today. The boy and the girl came around and got us and they said that we were going to be going to something called a MARKET.

I travelled in the front with the girl. I always travel in the front.

Then I realised that daddy and puppynap where in the back so I went there.

If daddies in the car I want to sit on daddies lap to go to sleep.

When we got out there was cars everywhere. I've never seen that amount of cars before.

A market is a place full of people and stalls with things on them and dogs. Other dogs where everywhere, I even saw a great big one with different colour eyes.

After  just a little bit I felt myself coming over all tired again and I just couldn't move anymore.

Lucky that we stopped for some lunch and the girl fed me something that I think was called HAM.

After lunch I just couldn't move so daddy and Puppynap took it in turns to carry me for the rest of the time. I like markets and I can't wait until we go again.

Saturday 22 June 2013

The Day After

 I went to bed very late last night and I've been tired out all day but Daddy and Puppynap took me to see some girls.

I slept all the way there and when we got there I gave them both a kiss but I was a bit too tired to play, even with Felix!

When we came home Nadia was playing with my toys. I think she wanted me to play with her.

 But I was just too whacked out and went to sleep with Puppynap on the sofa.

Lil' came down when she woke up, I saw her. Shall I play chase with her?


I'm so glad Daddy brought down the duvet I can get properly settled for the night now.