Sunday 29 June 2014

The Best Thing To Do...

The best thing to do after running around and playing chase all day... to just sleep it out on the legs of your Daddy.

Saturday 28 June 2014

The First Time Ever

I was feeling a little bit bored in the garden when I saw Nadia.

Nadia. NADIA. Do you want to play with my pink ball with me? You can have the first go.

But she didn't want to and then Daddy came out and said come on River we're going to take you on an adventure.

Come on hurry up Puppynap, put your foot to the floor I want to get to my adventure.

He did and all of a sudden we was there and I was allowed to hang out the window the whole time it took to get there.

I know where we are Daddy, let me show you the way to go I've been here before with Puppynap.

That's right Daddy you go under the bridge and there's an amazing place on the other side.

Then we got to a hard bit and we all had to walk forward and backwards at the same time, it was like a great big puzzle.

But we made it to the other side. Come on everyone I know where we need to go.

And then the best bit so far happened.

For the first time ever Daddy undid the bit of my reigns that he holds onto and I was allowed to run where ever I wanted. Puppynap kept calling my name but Daddy said it was OK I was being a good girl.

And then we found a great big muddle puddle.

How on earth are we supposed to get around that?

By going right through it, that's how!

Wow it's really beautiful here, and it goes on for ever. On one side there was a great big River and on the other side there was all these beautiful fields.

And then we came across a little River and I was a very clever girl and went straight across the bridge.

And on the other side was a magical place full of great big grass that was even taller than I am. I had great fun running in it.

And then Daddy called me and put my reigns back on because right in front of us was two cows.

For the first time ever I met cows.

Daddy let me go Daddy, Daddy let me go I want to go and play with the cows.

Wow you cows are so big.

Hello I'm River would you like me to give you a great big River kiss?

Friday 27 June 2014

People Always Go WOW!

I just had the best surprise. I thought we were all sitting down to cuddle up when Daddy said come on River let's go for an evening stroll.

I love you Daddy.

We went for a brilliant walk and then we did some running and I jumped up 5 curbs. Jumping is the thing I'm best at now and people always go WOW!

And then just as we were getting home the best bit happened, we saw two cats having a little dance in the garden.

Let me go Daddy, let me go, they want me to go and dance with them!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Time For A Dip

Phew it's very hot today.

I think it's time for a dip!

Thursday 26 June 2014

And Then We Can

Puppynap's not been feeling very well today and when he finished talking on the phone I decided to make him all better and gave him a great big wash all over his face. He said it was very lovely of me but he just needed to lay down and be quiet for a bit.

OH OK I'll just sit here and wait until he's better again and then we can play chase.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

I Can't See Any Bones Yet

I was just having a little sleep this afternoon when Puppynap said come on River, you gonna help me dig a hole in the garden?


Yes that's the right way to do it. That's right, go over there a bit. 

Now he's having a bit of a rest I can see what he's up to.

Brilliant, it's a great big hole but you're not finished yet, I can't see any bones yet!

Tuesday 24 June 2014

And Then - That Came Around Quick

When I woke up today it was really early and I heard Daddy walking around making a noise and saying Happy Birthday!

That came around quick I wasn't expecting it to be my birthday again this week.

You cuddle up with people on your birthday so I cuddled up with Puppynap until Daddy said come on River let's go down the stairs.

OK. You coming Puppynap?

Then when we went down the stairs I got given this brilliant present paper as a present. It didn't take long to make a pretty picture all over the floor with it.

And so I went outside to say HELLO NADIA!

And then Puppynap came out and said to stop playing with Nadia and so I rolled on my back so Puppynap could play with me and tickle my tummy.

And then ding, ding went the door and some men came and brought me a big present that went in the kitchen. Bit rubbish present I don't know how to make it do things.

And so I went to chat to my friends, we all had a lovely chat over the wall. They had beef for breakfast.

And then I heard a beep, beep and The Elf was here and so was that lady and IZZY!


Lovely to see you Izzy, let's cuddle.

Now let's play piggy back. I'm first.

What do you want to do now Izzy?

Ooh investigate over there. OK then.

And after we played find Nadia we was both really tired and had a rest and a catch up.

And then we played chase again, Izzy is getting really fast nowdays.

And then we had a little drink and another rest.

And then the Elf jumped up and played chase the pink ball with me. She's getting really good at it these days.

And then beep, beep and Daddy was home to see me...

...and we had fish and chips. Umm lovely my favourite.

And then we all watched the rain from the backdoor, Puppynap said he used to do that a lot when he was little. Ooh.

I've had a lovely birthday, even though it wasn't expected today.

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side