Saturday, 24 September 2016

Daddy Says He's Very Proud Of Me

Everyone slept down the stairs again with my last night, they said I was so settled that they didn't want to disturb me by waking me up to take me up the stairs. I was glad as I wanted to cuddle up in between Daddy and Puppynap again.

I woke up with Puppynap feeding me bits of beef, he didn't think I knew but I did, he had hidden my medicine on bits of it, I could quiet get used to being hand fed but he made me drink from my bowl before I went back to sleep. The pills make my very sleepy but Daddy says it's to help me repair.

I was having a lovely dream when I heard daddy go outside and felt like joining him for a bathroom and a bit of a sunbathe.

It's so lovely being able to go outside again to get some fresh air and see what's going on, I was getting a bit bored being indoors so much.

As always important to know when enough sun is enough and keep in the shade.

This afternoon I was allowed to take my baby grow protector off while they washed it. It was lovely to get it off and just lay of Puppynap while they watched a film on the television, just like old times.

Daddy says he's very proud of me dealing with everything as well as I am and for pretty much following exactly what I'm told to do. 

Puppynap says every few hours I'm doing more and more things like I used to, he was especially pleased when I heard the postman come and when I had a little run up the garden, although he did tell me to slow down.

I don't think it will be too long now until I'm back to me again.