Friday 30 September 2016

Oi David

Oi David, look at my tongue!


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Thursday 29 September 2016

A Perfect Solution

Puppynap's come up with a perfect solution to me keeping on trying to jump up on my chair in the window.

A set of pillow stairs so I can walk up to my chair whenever I want and look out of the window, until I'm better and I can jump again.


Wednesday 28 September 2016

Back With A Vengeance

I've been a very good girl today, although I did wake Daddy up last night at half past three. I licked him until he woke up, I think I needed a big cuddle.

I was very tired this morning but I did wake up when my friend next door came to see me. It was lovely to say hello to her I've not been able to get out this past week, apart form going to see the Doctor so the change of company was lovely.

I then ate all my dinner up, a whole bowl of chicken, my appetite is back with a vengeance.  Puppynap says and as a special treat we were allowed to sit outside in the sun on the swing chair, provided I didn't try and jump off. 

I did try when David came out, I fancied playing chase but he stopped me. Maybe tomorrow I will be allowed to.

Tuesday 27 September 2016

I'm Improving

I'm feeling much better today, more back to myself. 

I'm still not allowed to do any jumping, although I keep on trying, I even tried to jump off the bed this morning.

 I am allowed to look out of the window as much as I want. 

I'm waiting for Daddy to come home at the moment, I hope he's not too long away I want to show him how much I'm improving, and maybe we can have a little bit of a play on the floor tonight.

Monday 26 September 2016

Absolutely Perfect

I've had a great day today.

 First of all Puppynap hand fed me as much beef as I could eat. Then he let me sit up with him in the window to see things, I saw a little doggies walk by and barked at him and Puppynap got very excited saying he was glad I got my voice back and then he said we were going to go out.

I was very excited, I was going out into the world.

We got in the car and then in just a few minutes we were there. It was the Doctor's, he said we were meeting Daddy there, it was nothing to worry about just a check up.

I was allowed to do as much exploring as I wanted until he got there. There was doggies smells everywhere.

Then Daddy arrived and we went inside to wait for our appointment.

There was lots of other doggies in there and we all had a chat and then we went in to see the nurse. She checked my heart, perfect, she checked my temperature, perfect, she checked my operations scars, perfect.

All in all she said I was doing absolutely perfect.

PERFECT! A perfect recovery.

Now come on lets get home, I hear there's some more hand fed beef on the menu for tea.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Maybe Tomorrow

I've had lots of bed rest today. We all slept up the stairs last night, Daddy said it was the right time as I've been doing a few more normal things. 

I'm not sure what he means but it was nice to be back in my bed last night.

When Puppynap woke up he put me on the big bed and I had a sleep with Daddy. When it was time to get up we came down the stairs I had a little bathroom and then cuddled up with Puppynap on the sofa.

He woke me up for lunch but I wasn't too hungry but then he said it was time to go outside and get some fresh air...

...that's when David came up to and said he had something to show me and I needed to follow him.

We went up to the back of the garden, he'd been keeping my favourite place warm for me.

That was lovely of him but I'm just not up for sitting out there at the moment, maybe tomorrow.

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Saturday 24 September 2016

Daddy Says He's Very Proud Of Me

Everyone slept down the stairs again with my last night, they said I was so settled that they didn't want to disturb me by waking me up to take me up the stairs. I was glad as I wanted to cuddle up in between Daddy and Puppynap again.

I woke up with Puppynap feeding me bits of beef, he didn't think I knew but I did, he had hidden my medicine on bits of it, I could quiet get used to being hand fed but he made me drink from my bowl before I went back to sleep. The pills make my very sleepy but Daddy says it's to help me repair.

I was having a lovely dream when I heard daddy go outside and felt like joining him for a bathroom and a bit of a sunbathe.

It's so lovely being able to go outside again to get some fresh air and see what's going on, I was getting a bit bored being indoors so much.

As always important to know when enough sun is enough and keep in the shade.

This afternoon I was allowed to take my baby grow protector off while they washed it. It was lovely to get it off and just lay of Puppynap while they watched a film on the television, just like old times.

Daddy says he's very proud of me dealing with everything as well as I am and for pretty much following exactly what I'm told to do. 

Puppynap says every few hours I'm doing more and more things like I used to, he was especially pleased when I heard the postman come and when I had a little run up the garden, although he did tell me to slow down.

I don't think it will be too long now until I'm back to me again.


Friday 23 September 2016

My Surprise Arrived

My surprise arrived.

I was sitting in the window with Puppynap just watching things when all of a sudden I heard the sound of a car coming on the driveway.

It was The Elf she had come to visit me. I was very pleased to see her but I couldn't jump up like I usually do, I think she was a little bit sad.

We all went out into the kitchen and then nanny gave me a get well soon present. It was lovely but I just don't have the extra energy today to play with it.

Very little energy at all.

Today Is Turning Out So Much Better Than Yesterday

Daddy has just come back in from the shop. I was very excited but couldn't quiet get the energy together to jump down and see what he had brought for me, because he said he had brought me something lovely.

I made a few steps after Puppynap put me down on the floor but was a little bit unsure of myself, I've not really walked for a whole day.

Then he came out of the kitchen with something in his hand and said if I made it over to him it was all for me.

When I smelt it I made sure I made it over to him.

It was slim sliced beef and lots of it all for me to eat.

Um lovely!

And then Puppynap picked me up and put me outside.

I got very excited and I think the beef helped my energy as I ran all the way up to the back of the garden. The sun was shining and I wanted to go to the bathroom.

They called after me not to run yet though and ran up after me and then we all sunbathed for ten minutes. It's important to get fresh air and the sun on your face, especially if you are recovering from things.

Today is turning out to be so much better than yesterday.

When I Woke Up - I'd Best Go To Sleep Then

It's so lovely being home. Daddy and Puppynap put lots of duvets on the floor and said we were going to have a camp out down the stairs.

I had a special bit with lots of things for me but I wanted to be near them and when they went to sleep I crawled over Daddy and went to sleep between them both.

I did get a bit itchy, I'm starting to feel things down there but Puppynap woke up gave me a scratch and then put my cone back on and we went back to sleep.

When I woke up I had a lovely card from my friends over the road that Daddy showed mer It's lovely and when I'm allowed I'll play with that later. I love cards thank you Mogsie and Twizzle.

Then Puppynap gave me some steak, I was very hungry I didn't have anything t eat yesterday, I just didn't feel like it although I did have some water put into my mouth by a very special little tube thing.

I also had my pills...

...there are a lot of them at the moment but they are to make me better.

I need to drink more water Puppynap says, to keep my fluids up as well, whatever that means.

David slept down the stairs with us last night as well but I didn't see him until just now, I think he was going off to play somewhere. I can't wait until I can play again with him, but I'm not allowed just yet.

Once I had them I got very sleepy almost straight away. Daddy says that's so I repair myself quickly. I'd best go to sleep then, they said a surprise was coming later and I want to make sure I am awake for that.

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Thursday 22 September 2016

So Glad To Be Home

I'm finally home, I didn't know when that was going to happen.

The people at the Doctors were lovely, they tried to give me some chicken and took me outside to see the sun but I am just too tired to be bothered so I was glad when Daddy and Puppynap came to get me.

The nice lady and man over the road came to say hello when I got back but I needed to go in and rest, my tummy was sore.

It was lovely to see them but I wanted my bed and to see David.

He came and gave me a kiss but I was too tired to do anything.

I'm so glad to be home.

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I'd Totally Forgotten About That

I had a lovely sleep last night. I;ve been allowed all this week to sleep on Daddies pillow and cuddle up with them both. I can do that from time to time but this week it's been every
night, they've even moved out of the way to let me have it all.

I love a pillow.

I did jump down for a little bit as Puppynap was wriggling but then when they woke up he picked me back up and tucked me in and I went back to a lovely dream.

When I came down the stairs everyone was already up and David was eating his breakfast. Daddy said I couldn't have any today as I was going in for my operations. I'd totally forgotten about that.

Daddy and Puppynap then said it was time to go outside for a bit so I could do morning things.

I had a little wander around but preferred to wake up properly on Puppynaps lap while he talked to Daddy. The garden is so pretty this time of the morning, Puppynap said today was now Autumn, it feels like it to, everything is a little damp so it's best I keep my feet dry.

David came over to see me and started doing some funny things with the string off the seat cover. He made me laugh but it was too warm and comfy where I was to join in today.

Then it was time to go. I wanted the window down but they said it was a bit too cold today so I looked out of it instead. There's lots of people around this time of the day, I don't usually get to go out on a walk until later in in the afternoon of evening, not unless it's a weekend.

When we got there we were the first people so I got to explore all everywhere as much as I wanted and the nice lady at the reception gave me loads of strokes, she knew my name right away.

Then it was time to go into one of the little rooms come on then give me a cuddle Daddy and Puppynap I'll see you soon.

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Wednesday 21 September 2016

River, The Wonder Dog - Their Little Star

I've just eaten my tablet like a really good girl.

Puppynap and Daddy said it's the last thing I can have to eat until after my operation tomorrow. He wrapped it up in a treat but I knew, he can't get anything by me, I'm River, The Wonder Dog and I'm their little star as well they said.

Absolutely No Idea

I can smell him, and sometimes I can hear him.

But I have absolutely no idea where David is?

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And Then Something That Never Happens...

All of a sudden Puppynap picked me up and put me in the car...

...he said we were going to go to one of my favourite places. He wasn't lying either.

And something very special was going to take place today.

Come on then let's get going I want to know what this something special is.

Is it that they've cut the grass?

No it wasn't. 

We went down the hill and then something that never happens when I'm out with Puppynap happened.

He took my lead off and said I could run around anywhere that I wanted.

Anywhere that I wanted! With no lead!

Come on then let's go up here.

Now where shall I go?

*Sniff, sniff*

This way up this very big hill.

Rabbits! RABBITS!

When Puppynap caught up with me chasing the rabbits he put my lead back on again.

He was a little bit out of breath.

So we just looked at these alien flowers. I had a brilliant time off the lead. I wonder where those rabbits went though?