Wednesday 27 February 2013

I Wanted To Go With Him

I just saw Tiny going out for a walk. He's got a blue coat like me but mine is a blue jumper.
I called out to Puppinanapper to come and see. I wanted to go with him but we didn't go out.

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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Now I Get It

Now I get it. 

Lil' jumped up next to Puppinanapper and I saw her. She's so curious I just want to get close and see what she's about. 

I mean Lil's A CAT!

Puppinanapper picked me up so I could get a close look and I stayed really still. If I stay still Lil' doesn't run away. It's just sometimes I can't help myself if I've eaten carrot or something. We stayed there for ages, Lil' getting a head rub and me a neck one. I didn't move towards her but I did sniff a lot.

When Puppinanapper got up I stayed exactly where I was. I wanted to show Lil' I could and for a little while she stayed.

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Monday 25 February 2013

I'm Not I'm River In The Box

 We went to see a girl and a boy tonight.

Puppinanapper had a parcel for them. Something they said came from JML whoever that is. I don't think it did though.

I didn't care about the present they put me in the box.

Puppiananpper called me Jack in the box. I'm not I'm River in the box. But not for long!.

My Toddler Necklace

Puppinanapper has given me a new necklace.

He said as I'm now a toddler that I can have a toddlers necklace. BRILLIANT!

I saw Lil' and jumped up to show her.

Don't think she liked it.

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Sunday 24 February 2013

What's Come Over Lil' ?

I don't know what's come over Lil' but she knocked her corn-on-the-cob-with-green-sticky-out-ears toy onto the floor for me to play with today.

Thanks Lil' I had a great time.

If I Just Sit Still Longer Enough

If I just sit still long enough I can surprise kiss Lil's nose.

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Saturday 23 February 2013

What A Day It Turned Out To Be

What a day it's turned out to be.

When I got up with Puppinapper it was snowing everywhere. I sat in the window looking at it for ages. I didn't fancy going out in it as I was day dreaming and very sleepy.

After I woke up daddy spent a long time playing with me and Felix. Oh I didn't tell you what happened. You know my toy cat, well it can now laugh! Puppinanapper turned on a button thing in his tummy and when you walk near it rolls around laughing.

It was fascinating and drove me a bit mad.

Just as I thought it was time for a sleep again Daddy put my Freddie Kruger jacket on and we went in the car to go and see the girls. We played Slidey River of course when we got there.

When I got really tired I had a little rest between some girls it was lovely and warm and they let me walk all over both of them playing climbey mountain. It was brilliant but I'm glad to be back home now as I was hungry and I missed Lil'

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

The Elves Brought Me A Present

The Elves came over tonight to see me and brought me presents.

First of all the lady Elf came and let me play with her handbag and let me bite her fingers. They were very tasty and she loved it a lot. I know because she laughed a lot.
Then we all went and picked up daddy and the husband Elf from the station. I got to sit in a different car on Puppinanappers lap and he held me up so I could see out of the window all the way there.
When we got home everyone had tea and then it was time for presents. The Elves gave me a squeaky bone and teddy who I shall call Felix.

After that I got to play with the husband Elf and we played climb the mountain of the head. He loved it because he let me lick his chin. By accident I licked his tooth but I think he liked it because the lady Elf laughed a lot.

 Lil' came down for a bit and they gave her some treats which she ate on the table. I think she was a bit sleepy as she didn't want to play with us all.

I love it when the Elves come there's always lots of laughter.

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Friday 22 February 2013

Watching The Snow From My Comfy Chair

Yippee it's snowing again.

Puppinanapper turned my comfy chair around so I can see it out of the window. I am going to wait here until later, until there's lots of it. It's very thin and not like it was before but I LOVE SNOW and so am very happy.

Puppinanapper said that if I am a good girl that he will play with me in it later on today. I will be, I will be a very good girl today cause I do want him to play with me in it.

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Wednesday 20 February 2013

I Give Up

Puppinanapper left me on my own all morning so I got bored and decided to give the basket weaving another go.

Oh it's just too hard all this arts and crafts stuff I give up.

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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Then The Best Bit Happened

Puppinanapper took me for a walk this afternoon to go see nanny. I like our walks up there it's not too near and not too far for me to get really tired out.

I know the way now and so led the way by taking my lead in my mouth and running ahead most of the way.

Puppinanapper tested me on my words and number again. We did the No word quite a few times and he said I understood it about 8 out of 10 times. I know that's a good number so I felt really proud of myself.

I'm also so good at the Quickly word when we cross the road that he let me cross the big main road all by myself this time.

By the time that we got to the stream I was whacked as I'd run so much of it that I had a little drink in the stream. The water was very cold but it made me feel a lot better.

After all that I was feeling a bit hungry even though I had had my dinner and found some bread and started to have a feed. I know I'm not really allowed to have that as it can make me ill and Puppinanapper and I had a little tussle over it before he got it from my mouth.

I then learnt about daffydills as there was some by the little stream. Puppinanapper says that come up in Spring. I think he got that bit wrong I'm sure he meant they spring up as they wasn't there when we were here last time but I'll give him that one he can't know everything.

Then the best bit happened when we got to where nanny is I saw some Squirrels. I've seen some that live at the bottom of the garden before but never this close up. I ran after them, boy can they run fast and they are very good at climbing tree's. I'm going to learn how to climb so I can go up after them next time.

Monday 18 February 2013

Basket Weaving

This basket weaving is a complicated thing.

I thought it would be easy. It was getting the leaves I just went outside and got them but it's hard to twine them together. My paws are making it difficult to get the strands to stay together.

I'm not giving up though. I'm making a big surprise for daddy.

I Was Determined

Today I've met some new people who haven't seen me before.

A man and a lady who live by us came and knocked on the door and was talking to Puppinanapper for ages. I think they must have been away on holiday or something as they brought him back a present.

I thought that I'd been forgotten about and I was determined that wasn't going to happen so I sat at the window looking at them.

It worked they spotted me and Puppinanapper came and got me so that we could make friends.

They said I was very cute and gave me a little stroke. I liked them very much and was really good even though I was excited I didn't bit them or anything.

Saturday 16 February 2013

I Made A New Friend And They Tried to Dognap Me

I made a new friend today. He was a little boy called CC and is a friend of daddy and Puppinanapper. He's my friend now too!

We was almost the same size when I reached up to him. Oh we had such a good time I followed him around everywhere and at one bit they called me his shadow. I think that's a good thing.

He let me play with his toy trucks and I put one in my mouth and carried it around for ages. He then came and watched me chasing my tail in the garden and laughed a lot. I accidentlaly bit a whole in his t-shirt when we was playing piull me around. Daddy said he is going to get KK a brand new surprise one so it all worked out OK in the end.

When it came time for them to go home they tried to dognap me by putting me in their handbag. It was fun a bit like a swing but I didn't want to leave my daddy. I hope I see them again soon KK was great fun.

Friday 15 February 2013

I've Got A Hammock

We went to see a girl this afternoon. Daddy is off work and Puppinanapper and me and daddy all went over to see her.

She's not very well and needed me to go and cheer her up and give her some presents that came through the post to make Phoebe and Flo stopping weeing her chair.

We sat and watched TV. That's what you do when you are not very well. We watched some people shouting at each other and another man in a suit shouting at them and pointing at them with his finger.

Then I had a play with Phoebe. She wasn't too happy today, probably because she can't wee were she wants anymore.

I then got a go in their hammock. It was great, it was warm and comfy. I liked it so much they gave it to me. Brilliant.

Doing The Gardening

Hurrah daddies home today. I showed him how good I can be and he loved that.

We played for ages until he got a bit tired. I'm getting so big girl now that I don't get as tired as he does. I wasn't ready to stop showing him how good girl I am and so went outside to show him some gardening.

I did a thing called pruning. It means that you go up to a plant see what is dead on it and then pull it off with your teeth. I really like doing this as it means I get extra leaves.


Thursday 14 February 2013

Love Heart Came To Play

I was getting very bored playing on my own so I went outside and Love Heart came over to play. 
We played hide in the tree. 

It's not my favourite game. What happens is Love Heart looks at me for a few minutes and then goes hide in the tree and I have to find her. 

Trouble is it's a big tree and I couldn't see her at all. She's a very good hider.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

They So Love Me

Even though I've been left downstairs again while Puppinanapper is upstairs cuddling up with Lil they've left me little treats and surprises all over the place today.

I keep on coming across little games they've left out and biscuits to eat. It's great!

They so love me, Daddy and the Puppinanapper. I so love them too, and Lil' even though she doesn't play with me and Nadia even though she sleeps all the time and Alo even though she says nothing.

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Ride Um Daddy

I just had the bestest play with daddy.

He was on his computer and wasn't giving me a game so I ran all the way up his back to play ride um daddy.

After a while he got up and I got a go on his computer and I then I got caught.

And Then I Spotted Lil'

Puppinanapper just took me for a walk up to the shops. I ran nearly all the way there but couldn't run on the way back cause there was too many bags.

When I got home I wasn't ready for my nap so I went outside exploring.

I went up to the Garden of Peace at the back. It's brilliant up there, there's lots to look at. I saw some little flowers trying to come out the ground so I dug a couple up. I love giving daddy and Puppinanapper bulbs as a present.

I was playing catch the stick, chase the tail when I spotted Lil'.

She had come out to play with me!

I saw her watching me and trying to play surprise but I surprised her by seeing her first and ran over to say hello where have you been?

She must have been confused as she thought we were playing boxing. I had to stop playing and come in when Puppinanapper called me as it was getting dark and he had a present to give me for being such a good girl.

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Tuesday 12 February 2013

Office Sneak Peak

I was allowed in the office today.

Wow I've only ever gone in their in the dark before. I can't remember going in there during when I can see.

It's like a different world. There's all these things to play with and touch. I've only ever done an outside thing in there before cause I thought they couldn't see.

And best of all I saw Lil' she was just sitting there. We didn't speak she just looked at me. She must have been tired.

Wow I'm going to go in their again, Puppinanapper said I could if I was a good girl. I will be!

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Monday 11 February 2013

Disco Doggie

Yeahhhhh daddy is finally home from where ever he goes all the time.

He's showing me he's sorry for being so late tonight by playing


Sunday 10 February 2013

They Called Me Snow White

I just had a spa day.

Forst of all what happened is I got to play with daddys blue hat. I live biting pom-poms and I was surprised I was allowed to.

It was to distract me. I found out when they lifted me onto the table and I could see all the cutting things and treats! OK I can have lots of treats then.

They then gave me a bath as they said they cut off about half a tonne of my hair. I even got conditioner!

I love getting a blow dry after a bath, the air is all warm. I didn't shake this time at all.

When it was all done they called me Snow White.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

The Battle Of The Twig

The battle of the twig was a mighty battle!

I saw some outside as I was playing. I tried really hard to decide which was my favourite one to being indoors.

After a little while I made my mind up and came to the back door.

The I saw a problem. The twig was bigger than the hole AND I had to get myself through it too!

I didn't know what to do so I whimpered a little bit to see if that gave me a solution. It didn't.

I then squeezed my head through and I saw Pupppinanapper on the other side looking at me. That gave me energy to push through really hard and I came through the other side with the twig in my mouth popping forward after me.

I wanted to take it to my play bed but as I passed Puppinanapper he tricked it from my mouth and put it on the side where I can't reach yet.


I'm going to sit on Daddy now he's down to work out what to do next.

Saturday 9 February 2013

Ice Ice Daddy

I love Ice. Yeah give me some more ice ice daddy.

I Don't Know What Game This Is Called

I just had a play date with Love Heart. 
She was creeping up the back garden. I heard her!

I ran to the back door and stuck my head out.

She asked if I was coming out to play?

Yes I was!

For a little while we just chatted on the stone place and then she jumped up on the fence. I wished she would come down and called to her but she wouldn't she just sat at the top looking at me.

Another cat called Tiger was at the back watching. When I called to her to make Love Heart come down she didn't do anything.

I then ran out the front to tell Puppinanapper what happened but he was doing something. I then went to the front window and saw that other cat. The one with the weepy eye.

He just looked at me.

I called to Puppinanapper to come make him play with me but he just stroked me and then put me on his lap for a cuddle.

I don't know what game this is called. It's Confusing!

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