Thursday 31 March 2016

All Done Now - Are They My Footprints?

Today Puppynap said he was going to take me out for a special treat as Daddy was away from work.

Today we went down the road.

Batman left us a clue.

Through the tunnel. Hang on we can go one of three ways from here. I wonder which way it will be?

Through the industrial estate, we saw some men digging up the road.

Knew it we were going to the lakes. Ooh look Puppynap, can you see the birdies? 

See them swimming?

Right through here Puppynap, I know the way.

This way!

Mind the muddy puddle!

And here we are, right by the lake.

But there's no time to waste, come on lots more to see.

Now which way was it?

*Sniff, sniff*

Yes this way.

Pass the tree of the sky.

Umm, now which way was it?

This way, yes definitely this way.

Up this road.

To another lake.

And time for a drink. I'm beginning to get tired now.

Ahh. Cool water/

Very cool.

Ooh look Puppynap a swans come to say hello.

He's very beautiful.

And he's brought some of his duckie friends.

Time to move on though, we've got lots to see.

Although I could really do with a rest here. I'm getting a bit tired now,

Look we can watch the ducks having a swim.

Yes let's watch a while, so I can catch my breath.

Did you see them?

The swans, I mean. They've followed us, 

Look how close they are getting now?

How very close!

They don't look too happy today.

So time to go and see the happy bird.

He lives by the little bridge and is always singing happily.


...there's still that much to go of the hill.

I could really do with a long rest soon. Any chance you can pick me up?

No not yet but we did get to pause to say hello to the grasshopper.

*Pant, pant*

I'm not sure how much more puff I've got in me.

Although the view was worth the walk.

But I think that's it.

Yes I've had enough now. A little drink from that puddle and I think I'm done for today's walk.

Yes all done now.

Ooh are they my footprints?

Wednesday 30 March 2016

They're All Con Artists

Puppynap suddenly picked me up and put me in the car, come River we're going... meet Daddy so we can go car shopping.

This way Daddy I can tell this is the way to go, the other doggies have left me messages.

This was where the messages led me to...

...but no time for that...

...we've got a car to look at.

We did see a nice one Daddy liked but the man in the shop was something called not very nice according to Puppynap, according to him they're all con artists.

So we drove home and I watched Daddy on his bike following us home, that was the best bit.