Thursday 31 October 2013


Ooh Puppynap, whatcha got there?

Umm ice cream, I've never had ice cream. Gissabit.

Wednesday 30 October 2013


Zzzzzzz *loudly*

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

See My Love Shining Out

Puppynap just gave me my present for when we went and picked Daddy up so he could see it as a surprise.

It was a big red heart with a light on it so that at night when Daddy takes me out he can see me...

...and so people can see my love shining out.

Let Me Go Urghhh!

It's not fair Lil' is here and I only wanted to play with her but she keeps on running away from me so far high that I can't get to her and now Puppynap has got me stuck between his legs.

It's not fair let me go, Urghhh!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

My Supermarket

Puppynap came down and said he had a special treat for me, we were going to go to my supermarket.

I was very sleepy but when I heard that I jumped up right away. Come on then let's go!

I love going in the car, it's one of my bestest favourite things. Come on what you waiting for?

When we got there I didn't have to go to see the Doctor but Puppynap weighed me. I was 6.8 and then a little girl said she loved me and gave me lots of strokes twice. I love it here there's so many smells and other doggies to say hello to. I met a great big lovely dog and then Puppynap said hello to another lady who had a tiny, tiny dog just like me called Boo all wrapped up in her arms. Puppynap said Boo was the same sort of doggie as me and that I looked just like him when I was little but that's can't be true because I'm a girl and Boo is a boy.

Then I went running all around the supermarket but the floor here is very slippy and I couldn't run as fast as I wanted to cause I kept on slipping. Then I smelt something and went on an investigation.

I found it, some doggies wee!

Puppynap then got some Dreamies for Lil' and said that I had a present too but that I had to have it when it was dark time. Come on let's get home it might be dark time when we get there.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

The Afternoon In The Kitchen

I've just spent the afternoon in the kitchen helping Puppynap cook. 

He did most of it and I barked when he needed to do something else or when I got a bit hungry and wanted a snack.

I did the cleaning up bit with my mouth, I had a bit of potato, a piece of red pepper, I loovvvve peppers and then I had some sweetcorn that fell on the floor and then a piece of chicken. He said I've got more for tea so that's OK and then he said I must wait in the living room for a surprise. 

I wonder what he's making me?

Monday 28 October 2013

If I Just Sit Here

If I just sit here it will remind Daddy that he needs to play with me as soon as he's finished.

Ooh Touchy

Hi Lil' whatcha doing?

Ooh touchy!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

What Storm?

Daddy's home, he didn't go anywhere today. I was so excited he could play with me all day and I took my fighting doggie to him to play with me...

...but he said he couldn't play with me, he had to work but he couldn't get into work because of the storm. What storm? I didn't see anything happen? 

Erghh I really want him to play with me, it was an extra treat Daddy being home and then he couldn't play with me.

Then Lil' came down and I thought it was brilliant and that she was going to play with me but she didn't she just looked at the stairs which she knows I can't get up.


Oh this is rubbish!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

I Got To Sleep On The Bed

I got to sleep on the bed all night with Lil' last night! It must have been a special occasion like my birthday or Christmas Eve, they are the only times I'm ever really allowed up here all night. It was brilliant, I slept really well all the night.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Sunday 27 October 2013

I've Earn't This - YUM!

Me and Puppynap and Lil' was awake very early this morning. I had a long cuddle and stroke in bed before he said come on River we've got things to do.

I didn't know what he meant but he brought me downstairs and said I was allowed to come outside and help him. I didn't know why he was moving so many things around but then he said that storm that was brewing was coming and we needed to get ready and then he gave me a toilet roll to play with in the garden while I was out there with him. Afterwards as a reward I got a special fresh breath tooth stick. 

I'm very tired now it's hard work sometimes playing.

But I've earn't this - YUM!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Saturday 26 October 2013

I Went To The Swings And Slides

I knew we were going out somewhere when I saw Daddy put his shoes on.

We went in the car and I feel asleep, I usually do but when I woke up we were in a very different place, there was all people and buildings and things and Daddy said we were in London. I've been to London before to see WHS but this was a very different place than last time. 

Who were we going to see?

We went into a big car park and Daddy said come on lets give those legs a work out. 

He gave his own legs a work out to!

We then went in a lift, but I didn't like it and Daddy had to lift me in. Luckily it was a quick journey.

When we got to the top Puppynap said come and have a look River and I could see lots and lots of buildings everywhere.

But I could see who we had come to see. It was CC and he showed me all his toys that we could play with. 

It was brilliant and he gave me a little kiss when we finished playing.

CC said come on lets go to the park and we did. I like this park there's leaves everywhere.

There was lots of things there and Puppynap picked me up and said come on let's go on the slide. I didn't really like it even though he held on to me really tight so we didn't go on that again.

I met another little dog who tried to sniff my bum and then Daddy said come on River let's go for a run and we did all the way around the park, Twice!

It tired me out and I needed a bit of a rest afterwards so Puppynap put me on a big swing. I wasn't sure if I liked it to begin with.

But then I loved it, push harder, harder Puppynap.

That was brilliant day when we coming here again?

Friday 25 October 2013

The Strongest Doggie In The Whole World

Come on Puppynap it's time to play!

Come on, come on...

I'm the strongest doggie in the whole world!

Sorry Lil' I didn't mean to make you upset but Puppynap just gave me some chicken and it makes me strong. I can't help it.

Oh dear I think I've upset Lil' she said she doesn't want to hear it.

OK I will sit still now, I'm feeling a bit tired now anyway. Oops.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


Puppynap went out and when he came back I was in the garden looking at the flowers. I love flowers, I don't eat them though, it would make my tummy upset, I know because I've done that before and I was a little bit sick. These flowers are special River one's named after me they are called Crystal-and-the-arms-my-mum flowers. Daddy said that I've got lots of names, River and Shih Tzu and the Crystal-and-the-arms-my-mum doggie.

Puppynap saw me and opened the window and said sniff them while you can River, they may not be there on Monday there's a storm-a-brewing. Wow a brewing storm, what's that?

I best get back to it then while they are still here!

Thursday 24 October 2013



When are they coming down I've been down here all day on my own. I know they are up there I saw them and I can hear Puppynap talking to Lil'. When are they coming down? When?

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Must Keep Still, Must Keep Still

It worked, it worked! Puppynap said if I was very still around Lil' I could get in close. 

I want to turn around but she might run away. 

Oh how much longer can I keep still? I want to turn around, I want to sniff her.

Must keep still, must keep still.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

I Heard A Big Sound That Woke Me Up

I was just having a little sleep on the sofa when I heard a big sound that woke me up.

It was Lil' she jumped right by my head and called to me. I was a bit surprised but I am really good at waking up and running in about half a second and I chased her all the way around by the back door. She then ran up the stairs but I can't go upstairs they are too slippy and they make me scared.

She then ran all the way back down and jumped up on the side just looking at me and calling to me.

It's not fair it's slippy up there and I can't make it

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side