Wednesday, 21 September 2016

And Then Something That Never Happens...

All of a sudden Puppynap picked me up and put me in the car...

...he said we were going to go to one of my favourite places. He wasn't lying either.

And something very special was going to take place today.

Come on then let's get going I want to know what this something special is.

Is it that they've cut the grass?

No it wasn't. 

We went down the hill and then something that never happens when I'm out with Puppynap happened.

He took my lead off and said I could run around anywhere that I wanted.

Anywhere that I wanted! With no lead!

Come on then let's go up here.

Now where shall I go?

*Sniff, sniff*

This way up this very big hill.

Rabbits! RABBITS!

When Puppynap caught up with me chasing the rabbits he put my lead back on again.

He was a little bit out of breath.

So we just looked at these alien flowers. I had a brilliant time off the lead. I wonder where those rabbits went though?