Friday 31 January 2014

It Went Under The Sofa

It's raining again and I had to come in but I wasn't ready to have a sleep yet. I wanted to play ball and chased it all around the room until... went under the sofa and I went under after it!

Erghhh help me, I'm stuck!

I Might Be Able To See A Rainbow

Thank goodness. It's stopped raining and I've been allowed to go out in the garden to play. Puppynap said the sun might come out later and if it does I might be able to see a rainbow.

Oh brilliant I love rainbows. I think I will just wait here and see if the sun makes one happen. and bark at the Squirrel in the tree.

Thursday 30 January 2014

My Ballet Moves

Puppuynap said come on River it's time for us to go and visit the girls. Brilliant I love seeing the girls but I do wish Puppynap would hurry up I always have to wait for him to get ready for so long. He put my duvet in the car so I could sit up and see out of the window on the way there but I fell asleep.

When I woke up we was there and I hadn't looked out of the window at all but it was OK Daddy was waiting there for me to give me a great big cuddle. He was so glad to see me and I was really pleased to see him to.

 The I saw the girls and I ran over to one of them and gave her a great big lick all over her face. She likes it I know.

I then jumped all over the other girl and she spilt her drink all on her lap but she didn't tell me off, not even a little bit.

To say I was sorry I showed them my ballet moves, this one is call a pillowette...

...and this one's called a sashay!

All These Cats

It's raining AGAIN, which is just rubbish because I can't go out to play in the garden and try and find Nadia. Puppynap plays a good game with me called let's find the tortoise but we've not been able to do it for ages. It's great in the Summertime because she doesn't hide as well then but in the Wintertime she build's tunnels and things and I've got to sniff her out which is doubly hard with ALL THIS RAIN!

I got fed up just sleeping next to Puppynap though and when he went to the toilet I jumped up on the window to see if Tiny was out playing but he wasn't.

But there was all these cats looking at us over here looking sad. That one called Twizzle was looking from her window...

...and the one called Emma was hiding under the car and looked like she was crying, but maybe it was the rain in her face.

Love Heart's brother was hiding under a car in the road, looking a bit surprised at something, and....

...Love Heart was under another car. I thought she would come and play with me, she does sometimes. She's like Lil' she likes to play chase along the back wall but even she didn't look like she wanted to play today.

Erghhhhh it's not fair all these cats around and not one of them in the mood to play with me today. I think I best go back to sleep again, Puppynap said I can play with some of my special friends later. BRILLIANT!

Wednesday 29 January 2014

I Know Something They Don't

I had a brilliant dinner tonight, it was pasta and pasta always makes me go maaaaddddd. I love running outside when I've had pasta round and round and round the garden and tonight even though it was raining I still did it and then came in and showed Daddy and Puppynap how wet I was.

But I wasn't finished yet and grabbed my pulling cloth. They were going to play with me, I made sure of that!

After about an hour Daddy said it was time for me to get a brush and get all my tangles out. When he was doing that Puppynap went to the door and then came back in. There was a card with my name on it. 

I thought it might be my birthday but I didn't think so that wasn't very long ago.

It was from our friend's M and R and from Mogsie and Emma and Twizzle. Puppynap read it out but I got confused. It was about Lil' but I thought she was just on an adventure holiday. 

Puppynap sat me down and said he needed to explain something to me, I think he must have seen I was confused. Lil' was on an adventure he said but that I wouldn't be seeing her again, she wasn't going to come back to play with me but that she loved me very much.

That mad me sad but I know something they don't, Lil' is here I can hear her, I've heard her all day it's just that I haven't seen her yet, but I will. Oh yes I know that I will, after all Daddy did say I had special powers, all doggies and cats do!

She Doesn't Come Down

Last night I was allowed to sleep on the bed with Daddy and Puppynap all night,. It doesn't happen very much although I do get a cuddle on there every morning.

When I woke up I went to run and find Lil' to tell her but I couldn't find her anywhere. I forgot that she's gone on a new adventure. I hope she comes home soon though from her adventure.

Then when it was still dark Puppynap went out side in the rain and did some gardening. It was all very strange of him to do that so early and in the rain but I kept him company as he did some digging in the Peace Garden. He said I was being a very good girl.

When we came Puppynap was all wet and got changed and it was brilliant because I could play tug with his clothes and he let me do it for as long as I wanted!

But I got bored when I couldn't find Lil' to play chase and kept on looking for her. When Puppynap went across the road to have a chat with the lady I looked outside to see if she was there but she wasn't.

And then that cat called Mogsie came by he said to pay his respects. No idea what that means but it was nice to see him even if he did look sad. He should have come in I would have cheered him up, we could play chase!

Oh when's Lil' coming back I'm missing her. I keep on thinking I can hear her on the stairs and go and look but she doesn't come down. Still it's not too long now until Daddy comes home, that will cheer me up.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

I Love Lil'

I'm a bit confused. I was cuddling up with Puppynap when we heard a big noise from up the stairs and Puppynap quickly went up there. He came down with Lil' who was in his arms and he said I had to be a good girl as we had to go out very quickly and he needed me to be very good girl. I stopped fighting with the beanbag and we all got in the car. Lil' was all cuddled up nice and warm, she must not like the cold much, and she was in a big carrying thing, she probably always travels in style.

I kept on looking at Lil' who was in the back seat, it's very unusual that Lil' comes in the car I don't think that's ever happened before. I was a good girl though and sat very still but I always do when I'm in the car. 

It was raining very hard it was like the sky was crying, when we got out we were at my supermarket but Puppynap didn't stop to look at things like he usually does, we went straight to the back to the Doctors.

Then a nice lady took me in her arms and cuddled me when Puppynap went in to see the Doctor with Lil'. He was gone for a long time and I saw another doggie but I wasn't allowed to play with her and then Puppynap came out and gave me a great big cuddle.

I could see Lil' was with him still all cuddled up and we quickly got in the car and went and got Daddy.

I'm still a bit confused though as Puppynap said Lil' has now gone on a big journey, a new adventure, but I saw him take her up the stairs. I'm still confused and I think I will wait and see if she comes down to play with me later.

 I love Lil', she's my best cat friend ever. When's she coming back?

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Monday 27 January 2014

I Won!

I fought the beanbag, and this time I won!

Sunday 26 January 2014

Why Can't He Understand?

Puppynap keeps on talking to me and calling my name but I don't want to listen to him. Lil's just up there, why can't he understand it. Lil' is just up there and she want's to play chase?

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Tempt Me

Friends, friends, where are you? Come on get up and play with me.

Oh Puppynaps, trying to tempt me in with a gravy bone biscuit, I'm not sure what I should do though. Shall I go in or carry on barking trying to wake everyone up?

Saturday 25 January 2014

Ear We Go

Brilliant, I love it when Daddy picks me up and...

...I know what's coming. Up and Down time, Up and Down time...

Ear we go!

A Secret

Puppynap says that if you've got something on your mind you should always tell your friend as your friend can help you. Doggie is my friend and I'm going to tell him my secret.

Even though I was told not to eat the floor tiles I did eat one just now and now I've got the burps!

Friday 24 January 2014

All Cuddled Up

Look at me Daddy I'm all cuddled up with Lil' and being a good girl.

Do you think she would mind if I used her back as a pillow?

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Thursday 23 January 2014


Puppynap's put my Emerald jumper on as he said it's really cold outside and I look wicked!

That's not very nice I'm not wicked!

But yes Puppynap it's true I can defy gravity. Get ready here I come!

So Much Fun

I'm having so much fun today and it's hardly even breakfast time. Puppynap is up the stairs and I got a bit bored so I went outside to see if any of my friends from the other gardens was around for a chat but no one was even though I called out to them for ages.

Then I found a top from one of Puppynap's bottles. He usually gets them from me straight away but as he's up the stairs I could play with it for as long as I wanted.

Then I came in and saw Lil' ...

Come on Lil' play with this with me it's BRILLIANT fun!

But she didn't want to so I played pull the cushion around the floor and rip out the fur. This is already a brilliant day, I'm having so much fun.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Wednesday 22 January 2014

You're Mine Now!

One of the bestest things in the world ever is waiting until Daddy or Puppynap is sitting down and then you jump up and pull their sock off with your teeth and run away and hide and play with it. It's a brilliant game, you should try it you'll see!

Ummm you're mine noooowwwww!

Monday 20 January 2014

Feathers Verses Leaves

Puppynap said come on River it's such a sunny afternoon I'm going to take you out to enjoy it.

Brilliant, but first of all I need to smell these flowers.

YIPPEE I know where we are going.

This way, let me show you.

Phew it might be a sunny afternoon but it's very cold, I'm so glad I've got  my coat on.

Don't worry I remember.

When you get to a road, stop, left left, look right, look left again and only when there's no cars coming is it time to cross.

But when I got to the other side I ran and ran and ran as fast as I could. Puppynap was all out of breath trying to keep up with me but he did well.

Oh there's no daffydill flowers here today. They are my favourite!

Still at least there's a lovely lamp post for me to sniff!

Then it was time to go and look for the fishes swimming in the other stream. There was lots of them but as much as I tired I couldn't smell them.

But there was lots of leaves and I got one in my ear. Puppynap said some people put feathers in their hair but that I looked fabulous with a leaf in mine. 

Why on earth would anyone put a feather in their ear when there's leaves around?