Thursday 30 January 2014

My Ballet Moves

Puppuynap said come on River it's time for us to go and visit the girls. Brilliant I love seeing the girls but I do wish Puppynap would hurry up I always have to wait for him to get ready for so long. He put my duvet in the car so I could sit up and see out of the window on the way there but I fell asleep.

When I woke up we was there and I hadn't looked out of the window at all but it was OK Daddy was waiting there for me to give me a great big cuddle. He was so glad to see me and I was really pleased to see him to.

 The I saw the girls and I ran over to one of them and gave her a great big lick all over her face. She likes it I know.

I then jumped all over the other girl and she spilt her drink all on her lap but she didn't tell me off, not even a little bit.

To say I was sorry I showed them my ballet moves, this one is call a pillowette...

...and this one's called a sashay!