Monday 13 January 2014

How'd You Like Them Apples?

Puppynap said he was going to take me for a night time walk and that Daddy must come as well to get some fresh air to make him feel better. 

I agree that's a great idea cause walking in the fresh air makes you feel better.

Come on I know the way, I've got really good eye sight in the dark and I want to take you to somewhere very special!

Come on keep up, we can't hang around there's bits of rain coming down but I've got to show you something.

No it;s not there, even though it's a brilliant place. Yes there's stones everywhere, STONES!

I'll just take one for later though.

Here we are, we're nearly there now. Hurry up!

Here we are, it's the open air tree cafe, an apples are on the menu today.

How'd you like them apples?