Wednesday 29 January 2014

I Know Something They Don't

I had a brilliant dinner tonight, it was pasta and pasta always makes me go maaaaddddd. I love running outside when I've had pasta round and round and round the garden and tonight even though it was raining I still did it and then came in and showed Daddy and Puppynap how wet I was.

But I wasn't finished yet and grabbed my pulling cloth. They were going to play with me, I made sure of that!

After about an hour Daddy said it was time for me to get a brush and get all my tangles out. When he was doing that Puppynap went to the door and then came back in. There was a card with my name on it. 

I thought it might be my birthday but I didn't think so that wasn't very long ago.

It was from our friend's M and R and from Mogsie and Emma and Twizzle. Puppynap read it out but I got confused. It was about Lil' but I thought she was just on an adventure holiday. 

Puppynap sat me down and said he needed to explain something to me, I think he must have seen I was confused. Lil' was on an adventure he said but that I wouldn't be seeing her again, she wasn't going to come back to play with me but that she loved me very much.

That mad me sad but I know something they don't, Lil' is here I can hear her, I've heard her all day it's just that I haven't seen her yet, but I will. Oh yes I know that I will, after all Daddy did say I had special powers, all doggies and cats do!