Tuesday 28 January 2014

I Love Lil'

I'm a bit confused. I was cuddling up with Puppynap when we heard a big noise from up the stairs and Puppynap quickly went up there. He came down with Lil' who was in his arms and he said I had to be a good girl as we had to go out very quickly and he needed me to be very good girl. I stopped fighting with the beanbag and we all got in the car. Lil' was all cuddled up nice and warm, she must not like the cold much, and she was in a big carrying thing, she probably always travels in style.

I kept on looking at Lil' who was in the back seat, it's very unusual that Lil' comes in the car I don't think that's ever happened before. I was a good girl though and sat very still but I always do when I'm in the car. 

It was raining very hard it was like the sky was crying, when we got out we were at my supermarket but Puppynap didn't stop to look at things like he usually does, we went straight to the back to the Doctors.

Then a nice lady took me in her arms and cuddled me when Puppynap went in to see the Doctor with Lil'. He was gone for a long time and I saw another doggie but I wasn't allowed to play with her and then Puppynap came out and gave me a great big cuddle.

I could see Lil' was with him still all cuddled up and we quickly got in the car and went and got Daddy.

I'm still a bit confused though as Puppynap said Lil' has now gone on a big journey, a new adventure, but I saw him take her up the stairs. I'm still confused and I think I will wait and see if she comes down to play with me later.

 I love Lil', she's my best cat friend ever. When's she coming back?

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