Monday 20 January 2014

Feathers Verses Leaves

Puppynap said come on River it's such a sunny afternoon I'm going to take you out to enjoy it.

Brilliant, but first of all I need to smell these flowers.

YIPPEE I know where we are going.

This way, let me show you.

Phew it might be a sunny afternoon but it's very cold, I'm so glad I've got  my coat on.

Don't worry I remember.

When you get to a road, stop, left left, look right, look left again and only when there's no cars coming is it time to cross.

But when I got to the other side I ran and ran and ran as fast as I could. Puppynap was all out of breath trying to keep up with me but he did well.

Oh there's no daffydill flowers here today. They are my favourite!

Still at least there's a lovely lamp post for me to sniff!

Then it was time to go and look for the fishes swimming in the other stream. There was lots of them but as much as I tired I couldn't smell them.

But there was lots of leaves and I got one in my ear. Puppynap said some people put feathers in their hair but that I looked fabulous with a leaf in mine. 

Why on earth would anyone put a feather in their ear when there's leaves around?