Friday 17 January 2014


I was having a lovely sleep next to Puppynap and then Lil' came over to me and brushed her tail all over my face. Brilliant she wants to play so I ran and chased her...

But she jumped up high and then she tried to brush my hair with her paws. I'm a bit confused because she kept on doing it and then getting angry.

Puppynap then said come on River I'm taking you out to get some of that energy out of you.

Come on then!

This is brilliant there's no cars or people around and Puppynap said I can practice my show-jumping as much as I want, and I want LOTS!

It's great being out because I can smell all the other doggies on the flowers.

Oh that was a smelly dog, not like me, Daddy says I smell of perfume and lovely things.

We then got to the long steps and Puppynap ran me up and down them TWICE!

This is great I'm soooo full of energy today!

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