Thursday 30 January 2014

All These Cats

It's raining AGAIN, which is just rubbish because I can't go out to play in the garden and try and find Nadia. Puppynap plays a good game with me called let's find the tortoise but we've not been able to do it for ages. It's great in the Summertime because she doesn't hide as well then but in the Wintertime she build's tunnels and things and I've got to sniff her out which is doubly hard with ALL THIS RAIN!

I got fed up just sleeping next to Puppynap though and when he went to the toilet I jumped up on the window to see if Tiny was out playing but he wasn't.

But there was all these cats looking at us over here looking sad. That one called Twizzle was looking from her window...

...and the one called Emma was hiding under the car and looked like she was crying, but maybe it was the rain in her face.

Love Heart's brother was hiding under a car in the road, looking a bit surprised at something, and....

...Love Heart was under another car. I thought she would come and play with me, she does sometimes. She's like Lil' she likes to play chase along the back wall but even she didn't look like she wanted to play today.

Erghhhhh it's not fair all these cats around and not one of them in the mood to play with me today. I think I best go back to sleep again, Puppynap said I can play with some of my special friends later. BRILLIANT!